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K-G Molander
09-11-04, 01:09
Take a look at the link below.
It gives you access to photographies of many churches (buildings) in Finland.


09-11-04, 04:23
That's a fun tour.

Hasse, can we get some Ostrobothnian churches on to Delphi?

09-11-04, 07:15

No problem. If you have pictures of churches of interest to the Swedish-Finn community or to the Finlander members - send them directly to me and I'll fix a showcase. The only thing is that we must have or get the right to publish the picture -but that is no problem if the picture is taken by yourself.

Alf Blomqvist
09-11-04, 17:01

09-11-04, 17:03
...says somebody who is born in Kronoby!

09-11-04, 20:16
How large are these churches on the inside? In the US, we have some that are massive and others that hold maybe a few hundred.

I remember growing up, some of the older churches located in a downtown area were much smaller inside with wooden pews. Would these churches, such as the one shown above, be similar?

Anybody have an interior picture of a Finnish church?

Just curious,

09-11-04, 21:07
You may find the page with the pictures of the churches I have received so far at this address (http://delphi.eget.net:80/index.php?Churches%20in%20Finland)

09-11-04, 21:50
Looks like Sören has been busy. :D

10-11-04, 07:17
...having trouble seeing the church pictures mentioned earlier. June just wrote me that the pictures overlap in her browser.

If you have problems seeing the church pages and the page is garbled in any way, please state which browser program you are using and what version.

Btw. - June sent several pictures from Ostrobothnian churches that she has captured.

Paivi T
11-11-04, 06:37
Quite a few parishes have both exterior and interior photos of their churches on their webpages, so perhaps it might be useful to include links to those webpages...?

For example, my home parish, Oulainen, has some photos of the wooden cruciform church of Oulainen (built in 1753), at


Just a thought.

Päivi T

11-11-04, 07:21
Just a reminder.

As Päivi previously wrote - most of the parishes has quite a lot of pictures on their home pages - if they are present on the World Wide Web in the first place.

From the start we have had a link on the SFHS web site (see the links on the Finlander page to SFHS) through wich you have access to a page with a list of all parishes in Finland and their corresponding web site.

Several links are found at this page on the SFHS site: LINK (http://sfhs.eget.net/swedefinn.html)

Below the picture of the lower part of Finland there are two pull down menues. The left one has links collected to more church and parish related links, the right pull-down has links to municipalities and towns.

In Delphi we also have a collection of links to the different municipalities here (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?Finlands%20kommuner)

I suggest you take a look whenever you are searching for information about locations in Finland.