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Alice Finnerty
10-11-04, 17:02
Thank you so much for this information. I will pass it on to Alfred grandson in Washington state. He will be delighted.
Can anyone help with finding other lost aunts and uncles?
Anders Andersson Jossgark (4/22/1843) married lisa Johansdotter Hummelholm (8/17/1843) had children:
These children I know emigrated to America and died there:
Matts Leander (12/2/1887) birth
Anna Lovisa (11/13/1876) birth
Maria Alina
I don't know what happened to these:
Emil ? maybe
Anders Johan 2/26/1867 - 3/5/1868 (infant son for research purpose)
Anders Johan 4/16/1968 birth
but especially Ida Johanna Andersdotter Jossgark
born 4/15/1875 and I have information that she emigrated the first time on 4/4/1898 to care for her brother Alfred's children.
We have reason to believe she came to US and went to finland several times but i do not know where she ended up.
Also...how would I find out the cemetery where Anders and Lisa
might be buried?
Thanks for any help you can offer .....Alice

June Pelo
10-11-04, 22:19
These people are in Shirley King's ancestry. Haven't seen any mail from Shirley recently - is she still with Finlander?


10-11-04, 22:48
I checked her profile and the last post was from Jan of this year.

I did some poking around and found this thread started by her which should be of some interest to Alice. She mentions Matts Leander and Anders Johan b.1868 and Mullan, Idaho.

Here's the link:

Alice Finnerty
11-11-04, 00:41
Thank you for responding about Shirley King. Let me introduce myself...I am Shirley King's sister and she told me about finlander and ask me to continue what she has started. She has done an excellent job of researching our family history for a college course she was taking. She is still attending college and raising her family and cannot find the time to devote to continued research. So I am stepping in and trying continue her project. I am so proud of her accomplishments (She got an A+) on the paper she wrote with the help of so many of you that contributed information to her. Thank you to all of you. If anyone is interested in reading her material please let me know I would be proud to share it with you. It can be emailed. We have just enough information that keeps us going to know more and more. We grew up being told we were Swedish and didn't give it much thought. Every family reunion the "Anderson's" would get togehter and talk of going to Sweden...the land of our Grandparents. I have many cousins who knew our Grandfather when they were young. But after finding death certificates and church papers of our grandparents Shirley found out that in fact they were from Finland. At least 15 generations back. I was sure she was quite mistaken - no one ever talked about Finland only sweden. As a junior in high school she had spent time with our Aunt Elsie who was born in Esse and learned a bit of swedish before she left for Sweden as an exchange student for a year. Well in fact she has convinced me that we are Finnish and with the help of a new distant relative Bert Lindvall of Kallby Finland I now understand and we have a new born pride in our family history. We have recieved great family lines from Jaska Sorell, Roy Sjoblom and Midge Waters. Thank you for this fantastic web site page. It has help us so much to understand our heritage and the history. I am panning a trip to Finland next summer and would love to know more and visit the grave sites of my ancestors that i can find. Iam so proud to be FINNISH! Sincerely, Alice Finnerty

Shirley King
11-11-04, 07:02
Wow sis, you flatter me, but the fact of the matter is that all these wonderful people here at the forum helped me so much with my research, including June and Kevin and Hasse and Kaj and Gita and Syrene and .............well the list is endless. Geez Kevin, I cannot believe it has been nearly a year since I have posted. I have been busy but the time sure has flown. Maybe I can have a little time in January to do more research before the Spring semester starts. Sure do miss you all!:cool:

Jaska Sarell
11-11-04, 13:06
Hi 7th cousins Alice and Shirley,

Now I know why these Jossgårk names sounded somewhat familiar :p
It's a pleasure to see the results of joint effort in this forum, in the real Talko spirit. Please continue to report on any progress in searching Matts Leander's sibblings. That'll also give newcomers an idea how useful it is to share information.

:) Jaska

Alice Finnerty
11-11-04, 15:39
7th cousins - how wonderful - How do you figure that? do you have a computer program that can tell you that? I have the FTM and old version and I want to upgrade to something. I would like a program that will tell me "how I am related" after I enter the data. Is this a possible thing?
Thank you for your help

11-11-04, 15:55
Hi Alice,
Not sure what version of FTM you're using but it should have a "Relationship Calculator" within the menu. You select the 2 people you want to calculate and it tells you how you're related.

I'm using FTM v9, I think. I also got a copy of RootsMagic which I like too. I haven't spent as much time with my genealogy this year as I have in the past so I haven't fully given up on one or the other. I'm using both simultaneously until I decide.

You can do a search on the Forum for RootsMagic and you should find some info there.

June still reigns supreme as the Queen of relationship calculations! Not only can she tell you how you're related but also how many different ways and provide all the common ancestors. Once a long time ago, we all joked about how many times some of us were related. I don't recall the "winner" but I thought June said I was related to someone else on the Forum 85 different ways! :)

Quite amusing.

Jaska Sarell
11-11-04, 18:39
I have "compute relationship" function in Brother's Keeper, the software I have used from DOS age. It seems to omit many relationships and is comletely happy with the first ones found in any level. When I put the two names in different order I can get different results, both correct of course.
As to me and Anderson sisters, one way gives Hans Mattsson Frans of Pedersöre Katternö (1684-1769) and the other way Erik Mattsson Forsbacka of Esse Lappfors (1688-1745) as the nearest common ancestor, both eight generations back.
I think June's software Family Origin shows those both straight away, maybe some other...

:) Jaska

June Pelo
11-11-04, 21:47
Family Origins was bought out by another company and discontinued, although I'm still using it because it was rated by Smart Computing magazine as the best genealogy program. Roots Magic was created by the same man who created Family Origins so I also use Roots Magic simultaneously - and they both do a good job of calculating relationships.


Shirley King
12-11-04, 02:56
There ya go sis! Didn't I tell ya that your new friends would have a wealth of information for ya? I just LOVE these people!

Jaska Sarell
12-11-04, 22:14
While doing other research in the National Archive today I picked the dates of birth of this family from Esse communion books 1877-1897.
Dates given in Finnish order (or I'll mix things):
Anders Johan 16.4.1868
Anna Lovisa 13.11.1870
Ida Johanna 15.2.1875 [clearly 2 not 4]
Matts Leander 2.12.1877
Alfred 21.7.1881
Emil 6.9.1884 --- died 29.11.1884
Maria Alina 8.1.1890

Other notes from the communion book:
Anders Johan to America in 28.1.1889.
Anna Lovisa to America in 11.5.1891.
Matts Leander to Åbo(Turku) in 19.1.1897.

Anders Johan returned with a bride Amanda Sofia Mattsdotter Wäll, b. 30.7.1874 in Pedersöre and their baby Amanda Elina (born 9.9.1894 in America, died 23.5.1895 in Esse). The couple married in 1894 in Pedersöre, date not shown in Esse books.

I hope this clarifies your further research a bit.

:) Jaska

Alice Finnerty
12-11-04, 23:38
I believe that Anders Johan and
Ida Johanna stayed in Finland.
and of course baby Emil.
Wondering....If or where I could check
for Cemetery / deaths/ burials
Thank you

Kaj Granlund
07-01-05, 20:59
I' had our secretary in the graveyard-office to put this cemetary check on her list and she will do it during the spring. I've also been doing some more work on your family and might have more information on people living in Esse that aren't yet available on microfilms. And today one of your living realtives called and wants to get in contact with you.

Alice Finnerty
07-01-05, 23:02
Yes Kaj,
Please have them contact me. I would appreciate that very much.
Give them what ever information they need or let me know and I will contact them....Please tell me more.
Thanks Alice

Kaj Granlund
08-01-05, 09:45
He is an elderly married gentleman, living in the towncentre. They are living in a restored old farmhouse, so getting into that house you will be going back about 100 years. His wife is very skilled in handicrafts, knitting, sewing and making colours from what she finds in the nature.

Alice Finnerty
08-01-05, 16:58
Is this the person who wants to get in touch with me - a living relative?
Can you give me his name and relationship?
Thanks Alice

Kaj Granlund
08-01-05, 18:57

His name is Ingvald Borgmästars and he is the second cousin, twice removed of Matts Leander.

Some bells were ringing in my head too (not so strange for a pastor?;) ) I didn't dare to say anything until doing some more checks, but my wife is the third cousin, trice removed, to Matts Leander and Ida and the others.

So Jaska it seems you are related to my wife too. Her g-grandmother was Susanna Mård born Forsback 06-03-1871

Shirley King
08-01-05, 20:20
Yes Kaj!
You sent me via post the decendents of Johan Jåssgårk and it had the Borgmästers in it. I ran across it last night as I was organizing my desk:o . I will make sure Alice gets the copy of it. I thought I might have given it to her when she was visiting last year, but maybe it was buried in a pile. (My usual filing system) I also have Ingvald's post address on it. I am interested in your wifes gedcom too! How fun to be related to you!!:D

Alice Finnerty
08-01-05, 23:58
This information is awesome.
I am over whelmed!
Thank you Kaj.

Jaska Sarell
10-01-05, 01:12
Originally posted by Kaj Granlund
So Jaska it seems you are related to my wife too. Her g-grandmother was Susanna Mård born Forsback 06-03-1871
Kaj, I noticed that comment a little late...
Indeed there seems to be common ancestors between me and your wife, but she also shares common ancestors with my wife, including Keisari connections which I don't know of having.

:) Jaska

Kaj Granlund
10-01-05, 08:16
Yes, she does, but I think these Forsback connections are closer than the Kejsar connections, aren't they?

Kaj Granlund
10-01-05, 11:08
Did you have this information?

Ida Johanna remarried with Vilhelm Johansson Svedjemark she and lived in Pedersöre but moved 19 Nov 1947 as a widdow to Jakobstad where she died 10 Febr 1958. Their daughter Elsa married Bonäs and moved to Nykarleby 1953.