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12-11-04, 22:34
I'm trying to find any other shipping companies, besides the Finnish Steamship out of Hanko, that might have taken immigrants from the Vaasa area to Norway or England. My grandparents Fahlur from Malax, and Karfsor (Johnson) from Kvevlax left in the years of 1890 and 1892. My father thought that grandpa came by way of Norway.

I have a copy of my grandfathers passport and on the front is stamped "Finans-Expeditions Karta-Stempel"...does anyone know what this is?


13-11-04, 02:10
Hi Marcy,

This site might help you find answers.


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13-11-04, 05:31
My maternal grandfather hopped on board a small sailing ship, we think in Vasa, and scooted over to Sweden, followed the trade routes up to Trondheim, and from there over to Canada. Impossible to track, I believe, with Internet. Just family tales to support it. But there are people on this forum who may well have sites to suggest for searching.

13-11-04, 06:38
Another site which may be helpful to you is the National Archives of Norway http://www.riksarkivet.no/english/about.html
Towards the bottom of the main page is an access point to an article "How to trace your ancestors in Norway" which may help to point you in the right direction.

Digital Archives is searchable unfortunately not all pages/instructions are in English.

Hope these sites help you.


13-11-04, 07:15
The Norwegian archive website in English has a lot less information in texts,than the same spot in Norwegian. In the search dialogue boxes, the database you're searching is people who have left from various ports in Norway, organized by time periods. It's very interesting vecause they're not all Norwegian.

13-11-04, 09:37
Thanks so much Syrene and Jeanette for the quick reply. I'll check out those sites, its pretty difficult trying to trace Erik Johnson from any scandinavian country. I have already checked with family in Finland but it was long before their time. I'll keep trying.

Thanks again


13-11-04, 21:19

Greetings from the East Coast, and our first snowfall of the season.

You mentioned Erich Johson. Do you know whether he was a Baptist minister active both in Finland and the U.S.?


14-11-04, 04:17
Hello Lasare.....thats why I live in California....NO snow!! My grandfather wasn't a pastor but was active in the church, I did read about another Erik Johanson that was a pastor in Finland and the US but its not my grandpa.

Nice to meet you.