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14-11-04, 04:20
Johnson, used J. Gust in 1920 census. His wife (?)in(?) was 41 at the time. He was 46, a general farmer in Pearson, Kitsap County, Washington state, USA. He emigrated from Finland in 1894, (too early for Migration Institute records) spoke Finnish as did his wife. Their son Joseph was 17, the daughter Martha 15, and the son .....en was 13. All children born in Washington state, but before the birth records began to be filed.

He seems to have been born around 1874. Wife born maybe 1879. They married in Virginia, Minnesota in 1898. the same year he became a citizen. He is said to have headed for the mines when he immigrated.

Died around 1960. No records in Social Security Death Index.

I've checked 1910 and 1930 census records for J. Gust, and his two older children, without result. I'm hoping the marriage records might show in Chuck's collection?

The grandson is looking for J. Gust's birth parish.
Thanks for any help!

I've checked