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Alice Finnerty
14-11-04, 20:41
I would like to contact Bo Kallmans.
He is in the book: Bennas - folk och historia fram till 197--talet
as a contributor.
Bo is from Finland and this book is written in Swedish.I do not speak swedish or finnish (therefor I cannot read this book)
If anyone knows him personally and he would contact me - I would be grateful. (hopefully he knows english)
His name appears in my family geneolgy papers. His grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.

Alice Finnerty

Shirley King
15-11-04, 00:25
This is a great book, by the way, if anyone is interested in the history of Bennäs!

15-11-04, 16:39
Are you sure you have the spelling correct? I could not find anyone named Kallmans in the Finnish phone directory database I have access to. However I found Bo Källman in Bennäs. If you want to phone him the number from abroad would be +358 6 xxx xxxx.

There is another Bo Källman in Espoo. He has only a cellphone listed. the numer from abroad is +358 400 xxx xxx.


The private phone numbers in this message have been edited/removed and the complete message content sent to Alice via a private message. /Hasse

Shirley King
15-11-04, 18:32
Yes Sune, you are right. It is Källman. I have to give my sis lessons on using the Swedish keyboard or have her dig out the instructions on how to type åöä that I gave her about a million years ago! Thanks!

15-11-04, 20:17
I would like that you all would try to avoid entering direct telephone numbers into the messages. Remember that the messages can be read by everybody.

As in all similar cases I will remove the number from the message above.

Really personal information should be sent using the "private messaging" system within the Finlander forum, this to ensure that private information cannot fall into wrong hands.

15-11-04, 20:45
Sorry about that, Hasse. As usual I acted before thinking.