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14-09-03, 16:41
Hello everybody on the other side of the pond.
I have been searching for this Arthur Henrik Hansson Perus for a long time now.Is there anybody that could help me before I rip the last hairs of my head?
Here is what I have on him:
Born in Narpes Katnas 1871-10-31,emigrated to USA 1892,
died somewhere in Amerika 1907-03-18.The only clue I have is a picture of him,made in Ishpeming in a photoshop (studio) and a story that tell that he was shot(murdered).The storyteller also says that he worked in somekind of a stone quarry.The storyteller is a son of Arthurs brother.His is 84 years old now and he will highly appreciate any information what happened to his uncle.Arthur might have used Hanson as surname in the states.I have searced all kind of free databases over there but without success.But,if he was murdered,I think that something must be written in some newspaper.
If someone have access to those,please have a look.
Thanks in advance. Salutations Richard Skrifvars

Roy Lager
08-01-04, 07:40
Hello Richard

Are you related to a number of "Skrifvars" people in Munsala, Finland. I have a number of these people that I am related to. I come from the Laggar relatives in Kantlax, Munsala.

Roy Lager

10-01-04, 01:19
Hi Richard,
I went to find him at 2 churches. Ishpeming's Bethany Lutheran [220-2] and Negaunee's Bethany Lutheran [229] and yes, they both have the same names.
I did not find Arthur Henrik either as a Hansson or Hanson or Perus. There was the Verdi marble quarry north of Ishpeming which was on the same road as the old Ropes Gold Mine. Perhaps this was the quarry where he worked.
http://www.miningjournal.net/ this is the website of the newspaper that was and still is prevalent in Marquette County.

Roy Lager
10-01-04, 02:35
My reply formerly was mainly to Richard Skrifvars, hoping he would see it, about his Skrifvars relatives, if any, in Munsala.

Roy Lager