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June Pelo
17-11-04, 22:22
Emma and Robin were the favorite Swedish-Finn (Finlandsvenska) names in 2003 and Ella and Niko were the favorite Finnish names. Other popular names for newborn Swede Finns were Emilia, Ida, Emil and William. Popular names for Finnish babies were Emma, Anni, Eetu and Juho. Jere and Sunna were favorite Sami names.

For 2004 the new Swedish Finn names are: Bernice, Bettina, Denise, Eirik, Emelie, Eugenia, Felicia, Fransiska, Hampus, Hannes, Ingalill, Katrina, Kevin, Lillemor, Lorentz, Lukas, Madeleine, Marie, Moa, Raul, Rosita, Sofie, Ted, Tim and Vivian.

Norden newspaper.

There are 14 new Finnish names, but they weren't listed.


Jaska Sarell
17-11-04, 23:13
If all given names are counted, then the most popular Swede-Finn names were Maria, Sofia and Emilia for girls and Alexander, Johannes and Erik for boys. Most popular Finnish names this way were Maria, Emilia and Sofia for girls and Juhani, Mikael and Johannes for boys.
So it seems that these are the most popular as second given names, with very high percentage.

Picked from Population Register Centre (http://www.vaestorekisterikeskus.fi/vrk/home.nsf/pages/BBF5876F3302F18BC2256CB4004EA227)
Unfortunately titled in Finnish only, it gives a list of first 50 most common Finnish and Swedish surnames in Finland in March 2003 and 50 most popular children names for Finns and Swede-Finns, either HTML or Excel format.

:) Jaska

17-11-04, 23:20
Originally posted by June Pelo
For 2004 the new Swedish Finn names are: ......Kevin....

This is funny to me. I remember my parents saying when I was born that all their Finnish friends said "Kevin? What kind of Finnish name is that for your boy?"


20-11-04, 15:19
First names are partly a fashion. A few decades ago there where reportedly a couple of "Tyrones" around here in Finland and now it is said that there are newborn babies called "Ridge" and "Brooke". Now these are NOT the kinds of names you give to Finnish boys and girls. They are facing a future of being teased through their entire childhood.