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23-11-04, 02:27
Victor Frederick Franfors was born in August 1883 in Overmark, Finland. He immigrated to the US in 1902 or 1904. He married Anna Kristene Carlson who was born February 1877 in Overmark, Finland. They were married 1909 in Ontonagon, Michigan. Is there a site of christenings or baptisms that might have the parents of Victor and Anna?

23-11-04, 07:21
Welcome to sfhs and found at
Swenson S 16-2 = Ontonagon County, Ontonagon, Siloa Lutheran
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em. Church
10h Viktor Granfors Aug 22 1883 Övermark unk S16-2
10w Johanna Kristina Stothors Feb 26 1877 Övermark unk S16-2

code: 10h = memberbook page 10 and he's a husband, the church didn't know the emigration date of either person but evrything else fits your data and we can give you the day of birth in August 1883 and the dob of his wife whose maiden name is Stothors.
S16-2 is the Swenson center code for that particular microfilm.

I will be headed down to Swenson tomorrow and I will gather what more can be found about them.
Chuck Maki in Rock Island, IL

23-11-04, 19:09
Hi Ruthann,
Here's a link to the HisKi database on the above mentioned site. It lists births(christenings), marriages, deaths and other details for the parishes of Finland. http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?en

Generally speaking, most records go up to 1850 for the parishes though there are exceptions. I glanced through the list of parishes and didn't find the equivalent parish of Overmark. Maybe someone can shed light on the alternate name of the parish. Then you can check HisKi to see if the years you're searching are covered in the online database.

If not, another alternative would be to order the church book films from your local Family History Center (www.familysearch.org). They are microfilmed copies of the original church records and you should be able to find these ancestors there.

23-11-04, 20:15
Thank you for pointing me toward familysearch. Victor Fredrick Granforsborn August 1883) and Hannah Kristene Carlson(born February 1877) were born in Ofvermark, Ylimarkka, Vaasa, Finland. I'll try to find a map.

I see Ofvermark with an umlat.

23-11-04, 20:37
to write Ö in Övermark, press and hold the ALT key to the left of the space bar and then simultaneously, at the number pad, type in 153 and voila! Ö

ok, a little bit more information:
Victor and Johanna were received at the church Apr 8, 1912 which is a good indicator of emigration time. They are not listed as coming from another church so I would think it's close to emigration date. It is nearly 2 months before the Titanic disaster.
Children: Glenroy born in Rockland MI on May 10, 1910 and olga Linea botn Ontanagon Sep 9 1911. Both kids listed as dropped 1940 with Olga listed also as Mrs Milton Huddleston (see folio 2) but unfortunately there is no folio 2 on the microfilm.
That's it from Swenson,

23-11-04, 21:17
From what you wrote about the Titanic, I guess Victor and Hannah immigrated after the date of joining the church. (Luthern?) I found an Olga Huddleston's death in San Carlos, San Mateo, California 1 January 1995. (This could be a another Olga Huddleston because the record said she was born in 1904.) I have an obituary saying some Granfors survivors were in California. Milton died in Michigan in 1967.

24-11-04, 10:59
At Ellis Island there is a listing for a Fredrik Granfors age 32 in the index as arriving aboard the Campania on Oct 28, 1904. However the manifest shows 31 as the age and this has been crossed out with a hard to read 22 written in. Destination is listed as Butte, Montana. Going to uncle Sigfrid Junnila, Box 1503 Butte, Montana.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate either on the Scandinavians in Us 1910 census index cd. Could this be your Victor Frederick?

24-11-04, 18:16
Ellis Island.org is trying out some refined search engine that totally thwarted my attempts to find Granfors of any sort. I couldn't find Sigfrid Junnila in Butte. There was a Matti Junnila who died 30 June 1937 at age 65; and an Alex Junnila miner with the ACM Company in a 1928 Butte Montana city directory. Alex was living at 315 East Park. Butte is in Silverbow County.

The age of 22 would be closest. Maybe V. Fredrick Grandfors thought he had had another birthday. I could not find any Granfors in Montana. He moved east to Michigan by 1909 when he married Hannah in Ontonagon.

Thank you for your help.

26-11-04, 04:31
Thank you, Chuck

This new surname makes me wonder if Victor Fredrick or Hannah Kristene Carlson/Johanna Kristina Stothers had been married before. Do you know the year of this marriage in the Siloa Luthern Church?

Claudia Day

26-11-04, 10:10
A search of Ontonagon County MI found this listing in the 1910 census. Amazingly aged 22!

Surname,Given Name,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,Locality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State
Hopefully yours.

Also found in Ontonagon probably irrelevant.


These sites may be helpful.

01-12-04, 00:34
Viktor Granfors and Johanna Kristina Stothors were married on November 12, 1909

Probably the Stothors name is her maiden name. My first posting contained all of the names listed for her.


02-12-04, 17:03
Here is father of Johanna Kristina Storthors an his family-
Storthors, Karl Gustav Eriksson.
Bonde på Stortors.
Born 18/7 1839 in Övermark.
Died 28/3 1888 in Övermark.

Father Storthors, Erik Eriksson.
Born 27/3 1804 in Övermark.
Died 11/2 1861 in Övermark.
Mother Franzén, Anna Lisa Henriksdotter.
Born 13/5 1801 in Övermark.
Died 28/3 1868 in Övermark.
Married to
Ragvals, Anna Stina Mickelsdotter.
Born 12/3 1841 in Övermark (Närpes Kb 1838-44 p3/201).
Died 2/5 1912 in Övermark. Father: Sjöblad (Finne), Mickel Mickelsson.
Born 22/4 1805 in Norrnäs Närpes.
Died 15/12 1880 in Övermark. Mother: Ragvals, Anna Lisa Gabrielsdotter.
Born 16/3 1808.
Died 16/3 1868 in Övermark.
Child Storthors, Maria Karlsdr.
Born 14/6 1865 in Övermark.
Died in USA.
Storthors, Karl Johan Karlsson.
Born 26/8 1867 in Övermark.
Storthors, Anna Karolina Karlsdr.
Born 9/7 1870 in Övermark.
Died 25/3 1920. Married to Söderholm, Karl Johan Andersson.
Born 4/10 1879 in Överträsk,Söderholm.
Died 3/3 1959 in Vancouver Canada.
Storthors, Anders Henrik Karlsson.
Born 23/12 1874 in Övermark.
Died in USA.
Storthors, Johanna Kristina Karlsdr.
Born 26/2 1877 in Övermark.
Died in USA.
Storthors, Edla Karlsdr.
Born 14/1 1880 in Övermark.
Died in USA.
Storthors, Adrian Karlsson.
Born 17/3 1882 in Övermark.
Died in USA.

Henrik Mangs

02-12-04, 20:03
So that's where the Carlson came from.

06-12-04, 11:43
The parents to Wilhelm Emil Granfors

Walenius, Ida Sofia.
Born 3/4 1841 in Parkano.

Before Merr.
Child Walenius, Johan Herman Ida-Sofiasson.
Born 22/12 1865 in Pargas.
Married 10/10 1872 (Övermark Kb 1877-66 p1/329) to
Granberg, Anders Henrik Eriksson.
Born 12/6 1848.
Child Granberg (Granfors), Karl Anders Edvin Andersson.
Born 19/4 1873 in Granfors Övermark (Övermark Kb 1877-66 p1/329).
Granberg (Granfors), Olga Sofia Andersdotter.
Born 24/3 1876 in Granfors Övermark (Övermark Kb 1877-66 p1/329).
Granberg (Granfors), Henrik Oskar Andersson.
Born 31/3 1878 in Granfors Övermark (Övermark Kb 1877-66 p1/329).
Granberg (Granfors), Gustaf Wilhelm Andersson.
Born 30/6 1880 in Granfors Övermark (Övermark Kb 1877-66 p1/329).
Granberg (Granfors), Wiktor Emil.
Born 22/8 1883 in Granfors Övermark (Övermark Kb 1877-66 p1/329). Married 12/11 1909 in Ontonoga Michigan USA to Storthors, Johanna Kristina Karlsdr.
Born 26/2 1877 in Övermark.
Died in USA.

Henrik Mangs

06-12-04, 11:46
The right first name is Wiktor
Henrik Mangs