View Full Version : Den Dansande Prästen- Erik Wahlström

Gunnar Damström
23-11-04, 07:30
When Erik Wahlström, journalist and author writes a book, you could expect something special. You will not be dissappoited with Den Dansande Prästen, published this fall. Den Dansande Prästen is a biography in novel form of Uno Cygnaeus, called the the father of the Finnish public school. Uno Cygnaeus was ordained as a priest, caused a maid to be in circumstances, and fled to New Archangelsk, also known as Sitka, Alaska where he was pastor in the newly established Lutheran Church. A relentless womanizer he soon got into troubles. Erik Wahlström is a masterly narrator and a great humorist. His style in "Den Dansande Prästen" brings to mind Irving Stones masterpieces Lust for Life and The Agony and the Extacy. Reading Den Dansande Prästen I was alternately squirming with laughing convulsions or shedding tears of movement. I hope this book, with so much Northamerican history intertwined would some day be translated to English. The book can be requisitioned at the offices of Svenska Folkskolans Vänner www.sfv.fi


23-11-04, 16:34
Wahlström's book was a couple of days ago nominated among five other novels for the Finlandia prize in litterature. The winner will be announced the on third of december.