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25-11-04, 09:13
A report worthwhile to read can be found here (http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/db/articles/pdf/finnforum.pdf). The abstract says the following:

Ethnic groups in North-America have generally received much historical emphasis and much is known about the Finns in this regard as well. However, very little is known about the present conditions, their present status in North American society, their ethnic identity and attitudes towards their country of origin, and their successes within the assimilated immigrant population of the country. The aim of the project “Finnish North Americans today” is to answer these and many other interesting questions dealing with the present situation of the Finnish ethnic minority in the United States and Canada. Empirical findings presented in this paper are based on a large survey of over 2,600 Finnish Americans and Finnish Canadians.

The report is in PDF form and you need the free Acrobat Reader to view it.