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25-11-04, 19:00
Just wanted to wish everyone who is celebrating today, A Happy Thanksgiving.
Turkey, sage stuffing, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, gravy, Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn , cranberries and biscuits are on the menu at my house. Desert is a pineapple pie and of course, pumpkin. Anyone drooling yet?:D

25-11-04, 23:46
Hope you all are having a nice Thanksgiving.

My thoughts are going directly to the shores of Lake Sammamish, a dinner at Vern Lindquist's house with his family and Syrene & Don.

Thanks for giving us the possibility to have a picture of what you are doing this very day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

June Pelo
26-11-04, 23:16
I imagine Vern's house was on the water. We also dined by the water (swimming pool) with our friends in Venice, Florida. The day was sunny and beautiful, we had turkey and many of the dishes Alicia mentioned, as well as 3 kinds of pie, pumpkin, pecan and apple. (I had a piece of each :D )! There were also mincemeat turnovers and homemade fudge - yum yum. It was my pleasure to provide the Sweet Potato Casserole as I do each Thanksgiving.


27-11-04, 00:40
Hi Everyone

I`m playing catch up again and have just caught up on yesterday`s Thanksgiving messages. It is not something we celebrate in the UK or Australia for that matter, but of course I do know that it is big in the US, so I should have remembered to send a message to all the US members, so apologies for that. Belated happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing how you spent the day.


27-11-04, 20:06
It sounds like everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We FINALLY have some snow here in the Keweenaw. It looks so pretty.
I think that it may be a good amount of the white stuff coming today, up to 6 inches.