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Margaret Rader
28-11-04, 23:51
There is an enchanting documentary on LinkTV about an elderly brother and sister living in Sweden. Yes, it's Sweden, not Finland, but I think many would really enjoy seeing it.
Link TV is available on some cable and satellite systems. Here's a description of the program from Links' website:

"Hugo is approaching 100 and his sister Rose is 96. In their little red house in the Swedish countryside they live in the same way as people there lived 100 years ago. “The trick is in staying happy,” the always elegant Rosa confides to the filmmakers. In addition to cooking and caring for the household, she also sometimes plays the accordion. And when a sparkling Hugo with his amusing tales is chopping wood and digging in the garden, it appears as if nothing can disturb the idyllic life of the siblings. The march of time, however, is relentless, and after Hugo’s health complications, both find themselves in a retirement home. Even here they do not lose their remarkable optimism about life, their good mood, or their ability to take a humorous and detached view of the ailments associated with their age. A discreet camera follows Rosa and Hugo up to the final climax of their long life’s pilgrimage."

You can check for when this will show in your area at www.linktv.org.

Margaret Holm Rader