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29-11-04, 20:52
On behalf of my husband, I look for info abt. Per Månsson Finelius born abt. 1834. I have found some of his family (brothers, cousins ???!!!) in Sweden - but he is absolute incognito until he comes to Denmark where he marries a Swedish girl and becomes the one half of my husbands gg-grandparents.

I have found a few hints that could indicate, that he originated from Swedish Finland.

- anyone have a missing link here?

Also I look for my own grandmother Iida Kustaava Immonen born - propably - in Sotkamo 7th May 1990. Her father might be named Juho, Juhan or Juhani and her mother Maria Kaisa. She came to Denmark with her 2 sisters Lyydia and Maria. this is a long shot, as I dont think they were Swedish/Finns. But anyway - if anyone recognizes the name -- it would by highly appreciated.

The Danish Connection

June Pelo
29-11-04, 21:12
I have a couple Finelius names in my database in the 1600s, from Kronoby and Nykarleby.