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Jaska Sarell
30-11-04, 22:39
As in many other countries Finnish TV has the vote for the greatest Finn. From 100 candidates in the spring 10 are left and the final result is announced 5th of December.
Short description in English of the 10 remaining candidates:

Just cast my vote.
:) Jaska

30-11-04, 23:23
I know my vote doesn`t count, but, with my love of music, it just has to be Jean Sibelius. Please let us know the result.

Jaska Sarell
30-11-04, 23:59
Sibelius was (re?)presented today, and it was told that the greatest Brit send him a box of cigars for his 90th birthday. Both were famous for their large cigars.

After my post I noticed that they show the intermediate positions in the net. Military and politics seem to lead and culture comes behind :mad:

But as you know this is only entertainment.

:) Jaska

03-12-04, 03:15
Hi Jaska,

They were almost contemporaries. The "almost" really doesn't matter when examining the influence Elias had on J.R.R Tolkien who took the work of Elias in the "Kalevala" and gave the world the epic "The Lord Of The Rings" not to mention the further influence of Lónnrot showing up in the works of C.S. Lewis and his world famous "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".
My granddaughter has changed her username to "ObsessedLOTR" The general population of the world is indeed culture starved.


03-12-04, 10:37

Elias was and is a real superstar. His influence goes so deep that sometimes people dont realize it.

And just imagine where he came from - his dad didnt have a wealthy wallet - maybe dad even didnt have wallet at all :)


Jaska Sarell
03-12-04, 12:38
Short biography in English can be found at: http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/lonnrot.htm .

Virtual Finland (http://virtual.finland.fi/) features some famous Finns (http://virtual.finland.fi/People/famous_finns.asp) including Elias Lönnrot.

Also National Biography of Finland (http://www.kansallisbiografia.fi/english.html) has 100 brief biographies.

:) Jaska

03-12-04, 16:01
One that is not listed anywhere is the Unknown Finnish Farmer.

He and his family endured severe winters, late summer frost, hailstorms, famine and enemy pillaging through centuries.

During this time he provided food for everybody, work for the landless, paid his taxes to the crown and the church, delivered cannon fodder to the numerous wars.

In spite of this he worked hard, harder than we can imagine, built this country to what it is today, a couple of days from our 87th Independence Day.

He is the greatest Finn of all times because without him there wouldn't be any Finland to function as a fame platform for all the others more known.


03-12-04, 16:31
I like what you said, Sune! It's always the "little guy" that goes unnoticed.

I do have a question, though. Being totally ignorant of Finnish politics, what is it that the current Finnish president has done that qualifies her as being nominated as one of Finland's greatest Finns?

Just curious,

03-12-04, 18:07
I guess that there is only one reason : she is the first woman as a President of Finland.

This kind of lists are just for fun - one should not consider them too seriously!

There is also Mr. Ehnrooth - he may be the Greatest soldier in the WWII but there were plenty of great soldiers before him. We just dont recognise their efforts anymore.

Just think Gustaf Mauritz Armfeldt - the Czar of Russian cried after him.

Really, it is just nonsense to speak about the Greatest Finn - there are so many of them.


Jaska Sarell
03-12-04, 21:46
Kevin, I don't know how the 100 were nominated for the first vote in March, but then the audience voted 10 out of them.
There were more contemporary nominees in the first run including sportsmen and e.g the greatest Finn of all time, namely physically tallest Väinö Myllyrinne (1909-1963). He was 248 cm (8 ft 2 in) tall and got position 12 in the vote. And since former skijumper Matti Nykänen (recently sentenced to over 2 years imprisonment for physical assault) was 11th, we can really say that this is entertainment only!

Top 100 (http://www.yle.fi/suuretsuomalaiset/100_suurinta/index.php?top100_id=0&nominee_id=0&place=0&gender=0&alive=0&province=0&send=N%E4yt%E4) shows the positions 11 to 100. The page is in Finnish only, but you can see the list of names.

:) Jaska

03-12-04, 22:53
What?!! Paavo Nurmi is #21??!!! :eek:

Interesting link. I'll be pleased to show my coworker who didn't believe me that the creator of Linux is Finnish.

Thanks Jaska and Juha!

Jaska Sarell
03-12-04, 23:25
Linus' mother has ancestors from Öja (Karleby), making him distant relative to many Finlander members having Swede-Finn ancestors. He's my 7th cousin!
His maternal grandfather Leo Valdemar Törnqvist (1911-1983) can be found in Talko.

:) Jaska

04-12-04, 05:18
Well, thanks alot, Jaska, for the info on Leo Valdemar Törnqvist and the mention of Talko. It took me about an hour of searching his lines but sure enough, I found a link! :D Like you, Jaska, Linus and I are 7th cousins.

Thanks to June for her file on Talko which I had to use to do the matching. Had to search through about 5 different branches until I found a familiar name.

Now I can't wait until Monday to show my coworker my new-found discovery! :cool: I'll be sure to print out all the proof I can as I know he won't believe me.

This was a fun and worthwhile thread! :p

04-12-04, 13:36
Linus Torvalds can be found in several collections in Talko

June's Collection (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/pedigree.php?personID=I30749&tree=finlander)
Sven-Erik Wiik's Collection (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/pedigree.php?personID=I7384&tree=SEWiik)
Teta Åberg's collection (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/pedigree.php?personID=I5780&tree=TetaAberg)
Jaska's Collection (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/pedigree.php?personID=I10473&tree=Jaska)
Mac Ramsay's Collection (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/pedigree.php?personID=I902&tree=ramsay)

These links work until new submissions of these collections are posted to Talko.

June Pelo
04-12-04, 20:47
There are a lot of people related to Linus. I just made a quick calculation that shows Hasse has about 69 links to him. Kevin and Jaska are 7th cousins - Kevin has 29 other links and Jaska has 77 other links. Jim Bailey and Linus are 8th cousins and Vern Lindquist and Linus are 10th cousins. Linus and Alf Blomquist are 7th cousins plus about 35 other links. Linus and I are 5C2R, plus 21 other links. But don't bother to write to him about being related because he won't accept your mail. A couple cousins tried to write to him and got an automated response that he was too busy to reply to mail. His father Nils worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Nils' mother was of Russian nobility.


June Pelo
04-12-04, 20:50
Oops - forgot to mention that Hasse and Linus are 6C1R plus 68 other links.


04-12-04, 22:53
Originally posted by June Pelo
Oops - forgot to mention that Hasse and Linus are 6C1R plus 68 other links.


No wonder Hasse prefers other operating systems than Windows


04-12-04, 23:39
OK, Shoot me down in flames or whatever. I probably deserve it, ignorant Australian/Englishwoman that I am but who the heck is this Linus person everyone is claiming to be related to - I have been trying to follow this thread and clicking on most things I am supposed to be clicking on, but must have missed something somewhere along the line. Please can someone enlighten me, so I can sleep tonight. You never know, I might be able to claim to be related to him also, if he is someone REALLY famous - there are Sirs and Baronets in my family tree on the English side, so why not? Seriously, can someone please enlighten me. Thanks a bunch :o

Jaska Sarell
05-12-04, 00:44
Have you ever heard of operating system called Linux?

Just put the name Linus Torvalds into Google or other search engine, and you'll get over 1 million references.

:) Jaska

05-12-04, 00:57
Just to add to what Jaska has mentioned...

Linus created a new operating system for computers called Linux (Red Hat, I think). I'm a software developer by trade but don't know alot about the operating systems side, but I believe it's made quite the impact in the industry. There are quite a few large corporations that have converted their networks to Linux and it seems to run very stable. Of course what else would we expect coming from a Finn!

My wife and I joked around last night when I mentioned this thread to her. She links to European royalty so she always has this "air" -- not really, just kidding! :) Gwenda, maybe you and she are related. ;) Too bad about June's comment not to contact him, my wife already had the "Hi cousin" email all drafted.


05-12-04, 01:07
I think????

Thanks Jaska and Kevin for your replies, although now I am more confused than ever and think I will have to sleep on this one and "google" away a bit more tomorrow. Think I will stick to my Sirs and Baronets for now also. Anyway, at least I am smiling now and not frowning in COMPLETE (excuse shouting) confusion:)

For Kevin`s wife: My Sirs and Baronets were named Filmers -from Kent. Unfortunately they are only ancestors via siblings way, way back in the 1600`s, so no riches have ever come my way, sob sob. :(

Jaska Sarell
05-12-04, 22:57
The final results:
1. C. G. E. Mannerheim
2. Risto Ryti
3. Urho Kekkonen

Those representing culture got positions 7 to 10.

:mad: Jaska

06-12-04, 00:28
Thanks for the results Jaska. Oh well, OK, never mind. It was fun.:D

06-12-04, 03:09
Originally posted by Gwenda
My Sirs and Baronets were named Filmers -from Kent.

Out of curiousity, I checked and no "Filmers" in my wife's files. I think Toni's royalty ancestors were back in the 1300s and earlier. She does have quite a few branches that were from England, though. Shirley and Jacobs are two I can think of off hand. Oh well, this thread was fun nonetheless.

Jaska Sarell
06-12-04, 11:28
Now the top 10 Finns can be seen here (http://www.yle.fi/suuretsuomalaiset/tulosseuranta/) .
As the figures may be unfamiliar, here are the names:
1. C. G. E. Mannerheim
2. Risto Ryti
3. Urho Kekkonen
4. Adolf Ehrnroot
5. Tarja Halonen
6. Arvo Ylppö
7. Mikael Agricola
8. Jean Sibelius
9. Aleksis Kivi
10. Elias Lönnrot

The big difference between the top 3 and the rest is due to the possibility of televoting only these three during the last 15 minutes.

So it seems that the Finns in general tried to choose among the big leaders of the country. Undoubtedly they did their job well. I personally was seeking greatness in people that did more than was needed of them. Thus I could have chosen among those from 6th onwards, and many more outside top 10.

Today on 6th December, our Independence Day, I'll light the traditional blue/white candle for all those unknown soldiers 60-65 years ago who likewise did their job well, and especially for the women that ran the everyday duties during those years, not forgetting the earlier generations either.

:) Jaska

06-12-04, 16:13
Same here Jaska (candles).

I am just wondering why Independence Day is so much about military?

Dont we have anything else to be proud of? Culture, love, nature, people, economy and our families?


06-12-04, 17:41
...the windows in both appartments and houses will all have a burning candle. The tradition with the burning candle started soon after the independence in 1917. Before that the symbolistic lighting of a candle in the window was already used during the russian era. I have heard many explanations why that was the case. Some say it had to do with the nationalistic movement in Finland, some say it was a silent demonstration against the russians. Does anybody know for sure?

Later this evening the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen will greet the guests welcome to the Independence Day reception at the Presidential Castle in Helsingfors. The whole reception is sent over the television - and - most womenfolk (and some men...) are sitting glued to the television screen watching what new evening dresses the bold and beautiful are wearing this year. Likewise the newspapers tomorrow are full of gossips and reports about who had the fanciest dress etc.

Now it is less than half an hour until 06:00 PM Finnish time. Start lighting your candles all over Finland!

Trevlig självständighetsdag!
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