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June Pelo
04-12-04, 20:17
Just ran across this and wondered if it can be true?



Jaska Sarell
04-12-04, 22:12
The link in the page leads to a "news" from Sunday August 24, 2003 (07:24 AM GMT).
As nothing has been heard since then, I guess that's all fiction.
Sounds like real though.

:) Jaska

05-12-04, 00:05
After clicking a link within that article page, I read the full article and at the bottom was a discussion thread about the contents of the story.

One entry by an anonymous user states:
"You should leave the satire to someone who is actually good at it. I am considering sending a bill to you for the 15 minutes of my life you just wasted"


05-12-04, 01:05
Bill would lose a lot of excellent employees if such a "law" was passed. I live in Seattle's Finnish community and there are some dozen "newbies" working on the Microsoft campus, including our current honorary consul, Matti Suokko.
Besides, the Gates Foundation only endows causes involved with education, and I don't think President Bush thinks about education. (Former teacher that I am.)

05-12-04, 03:00
Hmm, Cuba's not so bad this time of year:) so I have my bags packed and ready to go!