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June Pelo
08-12-04, 01:09
How many of you remember this from your childhood? I would get excited when friends and relatives stopped by and gave me a "ride".


08-12-04, 05:29
Hi June,
My heart was filled with emotion when I saw the words, Rida, Rida Ranka!, I was immediately transported back to childhood riding on my dad's ankle. I only remember the first few lines , could you translate the whole song into english, I would love to have it for my grandchildren and for my family story that I am compiling.
Thanks for sharing. I wonder if children are still riding Blanka in finland?

08-12-04, 08:14
Just for your information.

The painting in June's message, the "Drottning Blanka" can just now be seen in the Ateneum museum in Helsingfors, the "Albert Edelfelt 150th Anniversary Exhibition" between 3 September 2004 - 30 January 2005.

The link to the exhibition infor is here (http://www.ateneum.fi/default.asp?docId=12720)

A jubilee book has been published covering Edelfelt's production.

This jubilee book on Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905) celebrates the first world-class figure in Finnish art. He was equally at home in the artists’ studios of Paris, at the court of St. Petersburg and in the Finnish countryside at Haikko. In his work, Edelfelt painted his times, his environment and his own life. He was an industrious artist who in his relatively short life managed to seize on a wide range of different subjects. Edelfelt was both an artist and a diplomat who was ready to speak up for Finnish art and defend it tenaciously. He was a complex character who worshipped his mother and was a hero to his younger sisters; he walked a tightrope between manly expectations and feminine temptations.

The book is available in Finnish and English. No book was made in Swedish which many swedish speakers in Finland wonder about, including myself. After all - Edelfelt was what we today would say a "finlandssvensk" and the museum is being financed by the state.

Karen Norwillo
08-12-04, 16:41
June, I remember it well. Hadn't thought about it in years. Karen

08-12-04, 18:14
Recently US newspapers described how a federal agency proposed changing a law based on "popular demand." When questioned, it turned out 183 letters had been received. When the letters were analyzed, it was determined that most were form letters, and the actual originals were THREE.

Do you think we could influence Atheneum to print Edelfelt catalogues in Swedish or perhaps English if all 469 of us wrote to protest the description in Finnish of some of the most beloved paintings about Swedish Finnish culture?

11-12-04, 19:20
Todays HBl newspaper writes that a Swedish language version of the exhibition book will be published - but after the exhibition at Ateneum is over :(. The book will be published in Sweden by a Swedish publisher.

Seems strange that it is economically ok to publish the same book in Sweden - when the book couldn't be published in Finland. This would indicate that the Swedes believe that publishing this book is a profitable business. Makes me wonder why the government financed Ateneum art museum didn't publish the book in Finland's second national language, the language of the artist Edelfelt? Sad, truly sad!

12-12-04, 04:28
Can you find digital photos of Edelfeldt's paintings:
On the way to Church for the baptism
On the way to Church for the burial
I'm not sure if these are the correct titles, but they describe the content. The first shows a young family with baby and grandparents rowing across the sea in an open boat. Reminds me of rowing from Malax out to "Sherry".
The second shows what might be the same family, very sorrowful with tiny baby coffin in the boat.
The third is a group of adults raking the coals from trees burned to enrich the soil on a ridge. A girl child is staring out at the viewer, her shoulders slumped, and her face stained by the charcoal.

These paintings really touch my heart.

12-12-04, 07:38
Rida, rida ranka!
Unga kungamakan
Gungar fyraårig
Knubbig, gullfjunhårig
Pilt på silkesknän.
Hästen heter Blanka.
Genom färgad ruta
Öfver mård, skarlakan
Morgonstrålar gjuta
Ljusa floder hän.

Rida, rida ranka!
Liten pilt skall växa,
Pärmebok och läxa
Flyga fort i minnet,
Nu är Erik lärd.
Hästen heter Blanka,
Kråmar sig och frustar,
Hvitt som mjölk är skinnet.
Svennen redan rustar
Sig med sköld och svärd.

Rida, rida ranka!
Djupa skogar blåna
Långt i österländer. 123

Erik och hans fränder
Kläda sig i stål.
Hästen heter Blanka.
Snabba sölfskor dåna
In i trollens ide,
Störa dvärgens smide,
Blodig slagbjörns mål.

Rida, rida ranka!
Stridens åskor mullra,
Korset rödt han stinger
In på hednisk skullra
Förrän han ger nåd.
Hästen heter Blanka,
Sig bland lansar stegrar.
Svea konung segrar,
Porten ödmjukt springer
Upp till Novgorod.

Rida, rida ranka!
Flitig klosterbroder
Eriks bragder målar:
Lik Sankt Göran strålar
Han med guldhjälm på.
Hästen heter Blanka.
Segertåget skrider
Hem vid Vårfrutider.
Högt från muren moder
Ser baneret blå.

12-12-04, 07:40
En annan länk till Rida Rida Ranka


//kaj timrén

12-12-04, 12:56

A good link to a little subset of Edelfelt's production can be found here (http://www.fng.fi/cgibin/art.pl?en_home_artist_empty_empty_aedelfel_all=aed elfel&w=A0155400&w=F0114400&w=F0114500&w=A0260800&w=A0165500&w=F0114600&w=A0523800&w=F0114700&w=A0604800&w=A0137700&w=A0028800&w=A0278200&w=F0114800&w=A8755600&w=X0083100&w=C8993600&w=A0312000&w=X0663000&w=A0223000&w=X0055800&w=X0095400&w=A0154000&w=A0310700&w=A0164000&w=F0115000&w=A0261300&w=A0223500&w=A0172300&w=A0312700&w=A0124600&w=A0174200&w=A0027600&w=A0257200&w=A0164500&w=A0126700&w=A0154600&w=A0178000&w=A0178100&w=A0174500&w=A0164600&w=A0495000&w=F0125500&w=A0209700&w=A8104600&w=F0125600&w=A0186400&w=A0168400&w=A0158600&w=A8104700&w=X0202700&w=X0622300&w=A0311000&w=X0662200&w=A0311400&w=A0305100&w=A0305200&w=A0214300&w=A0311500&w=A0222400&w=A0155000&w=A0222500&w=A0222600&w=A0155100&w=A0157000&w=A0153400&w=A0311800&w=A0307400&w=A0311900&version=html4#first) .

Some of the "best" in my opinion are:
Queen Blanka
Duke Karl Insulting the Corpse of Klas Fleming
A Child's Funeral
Children Playing on the Shore
Portrait of Louis Pasteur (the digital version doesn't show how perfect the glass object in Pasteur's hand is painted!)

A linklist to separate pictures:

1 (http://www.turuntaidemuseo.fi/im/edelfelt.jpg)
2 (http://www.turuntaidemuseo.fi/im/edelfelt2.jpg)
3 (http://www.turuntaidemuseo.fi/nayt_kuva/edelfelt/original/H402LUXE.jpg)
4 (http://www.runeberg.net/fin/Edelfelt.jpg)
5 (http://www.fpc.net/sites/laplumeverte/artsplastiques/expo-interg/edelfelt-albert-omhet.jpg)
6 (http://www.ateneum.fi/content/kuvat_nayttelyt/oikea-blanka.jpg)
7 (http://www.oppisworld.de/poesie/philo/see/see5.jpg)
8 (http://www.herodote.net/Images/Pasteur.jpg)
9 (http://www.hut.fi/~apajunen/seeart/jpgs/lapsenruumissaattomin.jpg)
10 (http://www.edu.fi/oppimateriaalit/kultakausi/edelfelt/pojatr.jpg)
11 (http://www.kokkola.fi/historia/nuijasota/images/Herjaus.jpg)
12 (http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/TEL/P18109.jpg)

12-12-04, 21:49
Tack Kaj for the version that I knew as a child, "jungfru Margareta,

Could someone translate it into English for me? It doesn't have tobe word for word, just an overview. I know that there is a horse named Blanka and a young girl named Margareta, but thats all.
Are the children in Finland still given rides on their parents knees to Rida, Rida Ranka?

June Pelo
13-12-04, 01:42
Evidently there are many versions which I found on the Net:


I was hoping the English translation would be there, but didn't see it. But you can buy mugs and plates with a picture:



Here someone has the sheetmusic:


13-12-04, 08:01
The only loose translations I have seen on the web are these:

1 (http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/GEN-NORDIC/1999-10/0940886591) 2 (http://www.rootsweb.com/~ialyon/swanson.htm) 3 (http://www.madison.com/communities/finnish/pages/RidaRhyme.php?php_page_set=5) 4 (http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ia/lyon/bios/ctanna.txt)

13-12-04, 18:06
What a great website! Thanks, Hasse. There appear to be hundreds of artists in the Ateneum collection, and perhaps thousands of digital images of their works. I could spend days here!

14-12-04, 03:18
Thanks Hasse for the websites that have the Rida Rida Ranka translations in English. I was able to find the version I learned as a child. It has taken me until now , in my senior year, to find out what the children' s rhyme I sang in Swedish was really all about.
Are the young children in Finland still taught this rhyme?

14-12-04, 07:51
...Are the young children in Finland still taught this rhyme?...
I would say yes they are, perhaps to a lesser extent than before but nevertheless. I was taught it and I remember "doing" it to my children back in the previous milennia.

14-12-04, 11:21
There is an other old rhyme my Finnish speaking grandmother on my mother's side tought me when i was sitting on her knee as a child:

Körö körö kirkkoon,
papin muorin penkkiin,
parhaaseen paikkaan!
Ruskealla ruunalla,
valkealla varsalla,
kultasella kulkusella.
Sieltä mennään pappilaan.
Kukko puuron keittää,
mirri maidon lämmittää,
linnut lusikat pesee,
harakka halot hakkaa,
pulmu puut pilkkoo,
västäräkki suolat heittää,
varis ottaa vastaan.

A rough translation:
Drive drive to the church
to the vicar's mothers bench
to the best place
with a brown gelding
with a white foal
with a golden bell
From there we go to church
The rooster cooks the porrige
the kitten warms the milk
the birds wash the spoons
the magpie chops the firewood
the dove splinters the wood
the wagtail throws in the salt
the crow recieves (the guests)

My grandmother was from Toholampi and she probably learned it from her father. I don't know the origin, but it must be old.


14-12-04, 17:25
Dear Sune,
Off the topic, but Aren't there some Ojalas and Peltokangas from Toholampi? My brother-in-law has never been back to Finland, and if I could send him a note with a picture of the area, he would be ecstatic!

15-12-04, 15:18
I do not know much about the Toholampi Families. You could well be right about Ojala and Peltokangas.

My grandmother's maiden name was Pikkukangas, but she shortened it to Kangas. She left her home very young, never to return, because there was some bad blood between her and her stepmother. She nver talked much about it so I do not know exactly what had happended and my mother doesn't know much either, I have asked.

Regrettably I have no pictures from that area nor from her childhood.