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08-12-04, 05:40
After, reading Rida, Rida Ranka, I though of this child's prayer that I said as a child. My mother cross stiched the prayer on a wall hanging for my daughter when she was little.

Gud som haver barnen kär,
Se till mig som liten är,
Vart jag mig i världen vänder,
Står min lycka i Guds händer.
Lyckan kommer,
Lyckan går.
Den Gud älskar lyckan får.


God, who holds all children dear
Look after me, so little here,
Wherever I wander
In the world’s lands,
Great are my blessings
In God’s hands.
Good Luck may come
Good Luck may leave
God Bless the luck
That I receive.

Paivi T
08-12-04, 08:48
This lovely poem / prayer is, in its Finnish form, also a hymn, very well-known and loved, often sung at christenings, school events, etc. For example, the parish of Järvenpää has compiled a little booklet of hymns and songs that might be sung at a christening, including "Ystävä sä lapsien". This booklet is sent to the family of a newborn baby, with a booklet of christening info.

In the Finnish version, the quoted verse is the first. The Finnish lyrics are:

Ystävä sä lapsien,
katso minuun pienehen.
Minne käynkin maailmassa
Sinä olet hoitamassa.
Onni täällä vaihtelee,
Taivaan Isä suojelee.

Päivi T

08-12-04, 14:06
The original text of "Gud som haver..." was written in the 19th century by the Swedish hymn writer Lina Sandell-Berg, who is very famous and much loved in the Nordic countries.


June Pelo
08-12-04, 18:05
This is well-known among the Swedish-speaking Finlanders in the US. My father learned it over 100 years ago and most of my elderly relatives could recite it from memory. My 90+ year-old cousin says the prayer every night..