View Full Version : Christmas in Finland

June Pelo
08-12-04, 18:08
Lots of interesting things to look at here:



09-12-04, 00:04
What a lovely website June. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed it all immensely, especially the Advent Calendar up until today - and will go into it every day from now until Christmas if I remember. I realise it was geared towards children, but I am still a big kid at heart. Going to bed feeling really happy now. ZZZZZZZ

09-12-04, 00:19
Here's an interesting link that not only explains the history of Santa Claus but also has a live webcam to Santa's workshop.


I'll have to remember to view it this weekend so my 5 yr old can see him while he's still awake in Lapland.

09-12-04, 13:48
Thanks Kevin, that Santa Claus story made me go all warm and fuzzy inside. Only one thing - he is quite often referred to as Santa Claus or just Santa in England these days, as well as Father Christmas. :D

10-12-04, 07:08
Q: Do you know what is common between your daily job and Christmas time?

A: You will do all the work but all the respect goes to a big fat guy in a suit!


16-12-04, 11:38
A couple of nights ago, the local Scout and Cub troops came around our little town delivering Christmas cheer and carols and collecting for their funds. They do this every year, so when I heard them outside our house I opened the door ready to give them our donation. I was confronted by Santa/FC standing up on his very illuminated sleigh, waving his arms at me and saying "Merry Christmas Gwenda, Ho Ho Ho". Ours is only a small town and everyone does tend to know everyone else, but I didn`t realise the old bearded man in the red suit knew where I lived!! It made my night.:) :D :cool: