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Shirley King
01-09-03, 01:02
I am Shirley King from Nevada. For many years I thought I was of Swedish decent until I started researching my family history. My grandparents came from Bennäs and Jossgårk, near Esse, Finland. I have found out alot about my geneology through the Finlander, found some new friends and relatives too!! Geneology is just a beginning hobby for me but there are many members who are experts at this sort of thing and are willing to help everyone! What a great bunch of people!
I am also interested in current affairs of Finland, and the social aspects of the country. I am currently a second time college student going for my degree in Social Work and am really busy with that, but I am willing to help anyone who needs me. I will also volunteer my sister's help even tho she is not a member. She lives in Cadillac Michigan, Wexford County.