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14-09-03, 16:51
I am trying to find out what happened to my grandfathers half-siblings and siblings after they left Finland. My grandfather was the youngest of the siblings. And we know there were some kind of contacts as long as my grandmother was living, but obviously due to language-problems they broke. And all her letters and postcards are lost.

This is the information I have:
1. Vilhelmina Andersdotter Storkull (or Rosenblad) b. 03 sept 1870 i Lappfjärd, Finland d. 07 may 1929 in Worcester MA, married 19 mars 1894 in Gardner MA . spouse: Johan Viktor Viktorsson Lillgäls b 1 dec 1872 in Lappfjärd Finland d 17 jan 1917 in Worcester MA. In 1901 he used the namne John Wilson according to an official document that I have got from my onkel. They had two daughers Öni Vilhelmina b 03 sept 1895 i Gardner MA and Selma Elina b. 05 oct 1897 (in Lappfjärd??? but this seems odd to me)

2. Elina Andersdotter Storkull / Rosenblad b 13 febr 1876 in Lappfjärd Finland, emigrated 1894 to U.S.A. from 1901 we have a document sign of her and witnessed by the swedish lutheran pastor in Branford Connecticut, after that we know nothing.

3. Erik Andersson Storkull / Rosenblad b 29 Mars 1884 in Lappfjärd Finland. Married 1) Sofia Karl Johansdotter Granqvist b. 14 aug 1874 in Tjöck Kristinestad Finland, d. 14 apr 1914
child: a) Lina Evelina Rosenblad / Storkull b. 18 nov 1905 emigrated 1923 to U.S.A.

4. Frans Emil Andersson Storkull / Rosenblad b. 23 july 1887 in Lappfjärd Finland, d 14 june 1951 (?) in Gardner MA, immigr. 29 june 1906 via Boston. Married in the U.S.A but we do not know her name/children.

Our family took the familyname Granlund in 1923 so I suppose they did not use that name in U.S.A. We are two cousins trying to find out what happened to them, and if we might have living relatives that we do not know.