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June Pelo
12-12-04, 19:37
I had an interesting experience with a new doctor this week. I don't have a podiatrist and needed one, so I chose a doctor from the phone book and when I got there, they asked for my name and address and my insurance data. While talking to the doctor, he guessed that I was from either Wisconsin or Michigan and that I came from a family where Swedish was spoken. I was just flabbergasted - he guessed correctly: I came from Michigan and my parents spoke Swedish. The doctor knew nothing of my background - he said he likes to listen to people speak and then figure out where they came from.


14-12-04, 00:31
Hej June,
The guy couldn't even pick out your township.
I mean, hey, he comes up with two states!

Reminds me of Swedish-Finn friends in Markby who said she had trouble understanding ppl in the next village over so he'd have some fun over there for sure!


Skip Sunnell
14-12-04, 02:27
What's amazing to me is the recurrance of an accent on my part simply with the remembrance of family get togethers when a child, or asked about members of my family. It yust seems to come! Mix that with an Oregon accent when living here in Maine and people look at me pretty funny sometimes.

14-12-04, 03:17
"ÏfnIdaknowdit was u drivinby, Ida wrung out and wove."

(Somewhere in Appalachia)

With major corporations, especially banks with "800"offices all over the country, it has been interesting to stop business conversation and play the accent game, Utica to Buffalo or Delaware, not to leave out "Pattisun, Noojaysey."

or "Would you repeat that please, I'm in the slow group".