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13-12-04, 09:26
Does anyone know a site to search for the Finnish who went back to Finland. My great-grandfather came here in 1893 without his wife and children, I know he died in Finland and his son (my grandfather) immigrated here in 1900.


13-12-04, 10:57
There are no direct online sources (passenger lists etc) to study returning immigrants. The return of the immigrant must be puzzled out from archival sources such as statistical records which I have heard are deposited at the National archive (but later I heard that this register only contains information about emigrants leaving Finland, not about those returning, so it can't be of much help) and church records. "Books of moved persons" in the current Hiski database do not in general contain much records from the later part of the 1800's and nothing from the 1900's. It is not even certain that you'll notice a return of the immigrant in the church books as he/she might often still have been written as a member of the home parish.


13-12-04, 18:17
If you know to which parish he returned, a Finlander member might turn up who can search the church books for you?