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14-12-04, 00:12
Can't find Kevin Paavola in the members list, so I just hope this will reach you. My Inbox info states that I have 27 or so messages stored. However, I can find only 2 or 3 on the Inbox, Message Tracking, Sent, and Syrene. Where else should I go to clear those 27 messages? (Kaj Granlund was also having trouble with an overful Inbox.)

14-12-04, 04:17
I think I show up under my user name "kpaavola" rather than my first name/last name.

Are you referring to your Private Message Inbox? I have 19 in mine and generally try to keep it thinned out. I'm not aware if there's a limit. Hasse may need to interject.

I just looked and it tracks your inbox messages and your sent messages. Maybe try checking there and delete some unneeded messages to see if that helps to open up some space. I'm sure there's a limit of some sort as all this data would be stored on a server which has a limited amount of hard drive space.

14-12-04, 04:18
Just another thought...

I frequent other boards who utilize similar type software and allow private messages. Very often people post messages saying they tried to "PM" someone and their box was full. So it may simply be a matter of doing some "housecleaning".

14-12-04, 07:48
If the mailbox is full one has to delete material from all the boxes. (Yes - there are more than an "Inbox").

Beware of one more option: You can specify how old messages you can see "Show messages from the beginning". Set this option for each mailbox and I think you will see all the "hidden messages" that eat up space in your mailbox.

It has been my intention to keep the PM mailboxes as moderate as possible. This since the Finlander forum primarily is a discussion board where we start discussion threads and post messages for everybody to read. The "private messaging" is only a complement and should not be used as a preferred way of communicating.

This means that heavy PM -users have to clean their mailboxes more often than the not-so-heavy users.