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14-12-04, 02:47
does anyone know a Lindquist family which was in Idaho, mining, then Washington state in Carbonado, mining coal, then bought land in Finn Hill, near Kirkland, Washington?

Mary (in the US) Jutila met and married a Jakob Lindquist, and they had several children, not in this order. I don't yet know birth dates for all of them.
Oldest sister died in 1952
Jakob died in 1999
Paul still alive
Gertrude still alive
and Bill.
I would like to find the family name in Finland, and the birth parish for the parents.
Thanks so much!
Martha born in Carbonado in 1906 died 2004

14-12-04, 05:29
Very likely this is not your Mary Jutila mostly because she had a Massachusetts address as her final destination.


14-12-04, 06:46
Jutila Maria 02.05.1896 (departed Finland)

This is likely the same Maria that I found at Ellis Island. I am not a registered member of the institute that this is all I could find.


14-12-04, 17:20
Hi Chuck,
I had found her there as well. Now that I think about it, is there a good reason it is not OUR Mary Jutila? I found the Lindquist family in the 1930 census living on their farm near Kirkland WA, which shows all the children born in Washington. William, the oldest child, is shown as either 29 or 27. That would put his birth a few years after she landed at Ellis Island. It might work? and they are neighbors to an Andrew Jutila, also born Finland along with his wife, Anna. That couple is some 10 years younger than the Lindquists. Could Lindquists have sponsored them? All kinds of interesting questions here.

Their farm is part of what now is Big Finn Hill Park in Kirkland WA. I'm hoping a neighbor in the US or a relative in Finland can come up with some connections.

15-12-04, 11:47
On the SSDI I found two possibilities although the death date you
listed is different. Could these be father and son?

JACOB LINDQUIST | 02 Jan 1885|Jan 1963|(Washington)| (none specified)| 534-34-0830| Washington|
JACOB W LINDQUIST |23 Oct 1904|27 Jun 1996 |(V)98034 (Kirkland, King, WA)|(none specified)|535-03-9391|Washington|

On the Scandinavians in the 1910 cd I found this possibility

The age for this Jacob doesn't tally with the 1885 date of birth though.

15-12-04, 17:57
Last night I got four emails from members of the Kirkland Historical Society. They sent several census records and information from a hand drawn map done several years ago during an interview. The younger Jakob is actually the son of the Lindquists, and yes, the census taker once listed the family as Linquist. So we're on the right track!
I think this information is enough to give to the family. SFHS is trying to archive as much as possible about the Finns of Finn Hill, since it is now a landmark park, and the term Finns is generic not specific. That shouldn't be allowed to happen to men and women who worked so hard.
Thanks again,

16-12-04, 11:04
Hej Syrene,
You probably have this but I couldn't go past it just in case as you don't as it appears to be the Andrew Jutila living near the Lindquists.
Death Certificates of Finns in King County, Washington, 1892-1947
JUTILA, ANDREW -- Born March 24, 1881, Finland. Died May 9, 1934, King County Tuberculosis Hospital, Seattle, Wash. Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis. Married. Farmer. Father: Eli Jutila (b. Finland). Mother: Sonna Maki (b. Finland). Burial May 9, 1934, Kirkland, Wash.


16-12-04, 16:47
Excellent Jeanette! Yes, I suspect Andrew was some relative or another to Mary. Thanks. If this is true, then the Lindquist's have the name of a parish record to search.
Thanks so much!