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14-12-04, 20:34
Aside from my black crow saying, one of the only other phrases in Finnish my parents taught us was a prayer after we finished eating.

Before our meal, we would say in English the "Come Lord, Jesus. Be our guest...." prayer. After our meal we would say "Kiitos Juumala, ruan edestä. Amen" Again, hopefully, I spelled it kind of close.

Not sure why I'm thinking these things all of a sudden... :confused:

June Pelo
15-12-04, 19:24
My father always said the table grace: I Jesu namn gå vi till bord... and as far as I know many Swedish-speaking people still use this prayer.


16-12-04, 15:03
The language is old fashioned, but still in use.
Like June said: "I Jesu namn till bords vi gå, välsigna Gud den mat vi få."
God Jul Everybody!