View Full Version : Hacker at SFHS?

15-12-04, 02:24
I notice that the logo has been changed. It looks like the old one has been painted out and this new one substituted for it.

I guess it explains why sfhs was not accessible for much of the day.

I don't know if we can handle this stuff:)


15-12-04, 02:54
Not sure it's related. The new logo was on the page early this morning. Most of the day the site was accessible. Only this afternoon when I tried was I not able to access the Forum.

Seems ok again.

15-12-04, 03:01
I didn't know what had happened to the sfhs site today but I do notice the up to date and good looking logo!


15-12-04, 05:36
I got into the Finlander site with the new logo this AM, and then 30 minutes later it was gone. Also the SFHS home page. Wrote Hasse, but haven't heard quite what it was. His Christmas picture is fabulous - the ancient Helsinge church and yard in snow.

15-12-04, 10:49
Yesterday evening (Santa's time) many had problems accessing different servers especially belonging to the ISP that handles our servers. I could access the servers all the time but I had many reports from people that couldn't.

Nobody has provided a good answer to the communication problem so I guess it must have been Santa tapping in some surveilance equipment to see if we have been nice enough to receive presents this year.

Just now it seems like people can access the SFHS pages ok.

Hope for the best! Remember to be nice - in case it was Santa....

15-12-04, 23:47
perhaps they have put something on to find all of us - after all, this is somewhat of a subversive website.

but then, we should continue as we are, perhaps we shall all get a free holiday in Cuba courtesy of the American govt:)