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15-12-04, 06:49

A nice bunch of maps for Ostrobothnia, etc.
I just copy/pasted the map section titles into the subject line.
These are fine modern maps:)


Jaska Sarell
15-12-04, 14:14
In case you wonder, this is the site of Ostrobothnian Museum and those numbered black marks mean:
triangle - prehistoric domicile
circle - heap made of rocks or of rocks and soil
semicircle - underground graveyard from Iron Age
square - other prehistoric place (many explanations)

The yellow marks denote height from sea level in meters and thus the coastal line at different times:
20 m - early Iron Age, 100 BC to 100 AD
40 m - beginning of Bronze Age, around 1500 BC
60 m - late comb ceramic period, 3000 BC to 2700 BC
80 m - early comb ceramic period, 5000 BC to 4000 BC

:) Jaska

15-12-04, 18:20
Many thanks. These are really going to be useful to the visitors to the SFHS offices who are just beginning their search for a family farm. We can go onto Internet immediately for them.

15-12-04, 20:37
Just for your reference - here is the link to the Swedish language page for the same map collection.

The link... (http://www.vaasa.fi/pohjanmaanmuseo/ruotsi/objekt.html)

Jaska Sarell
15-12-04, 21:53
I was going to mention the reason for the land height equivalence with ancient coastal line, but didn't know the term in English.
Now I found it :D

Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page), the free encyclopedia, explains:
Post-glacial rebound (sometimes called continental rebound, isostatic rebound or isostatic adjustment) is the rise of land masses that were depressed by the huge weight of ice sheets during the last ice age, through a process known as isostatic depression. It affects northern Europe, especially Scotland and Scandinavia, Siberia and Canada.

:) Jaska

Margaret Rader
16-12-04, 05:50
Fabulous maps! Thank you, thank you.

Margaret Rader