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14-12-04, 19:46

My name is Carina and I´m from Sweden. I´m new here and new to searching for my relatives. My dad was born in Vasa and my grandparents were from Petalax & Mamrelund in Finland.

The surenames I´m reseaching are: Skytt, Söderlund, Lund, Mattsson, Henriksdotter

Since most of my ancestors lived in Petalax am I focusing on that area. Other places of interest for me are Malax, Mamrelund, Vasa and Ylistaro.

I have allways been told that my gradfathers ancestors can´t be found. So I´ve given up before I even tried to find dem. Now I know that my fathers grandparents(from his fathers side) came from Ylistaro to Vasa in 1890 and his grandparents(from his mothers side) came from Petalax area and they are barried at Åmossa baptistförsamling in Malax, Finland.

Now you know what I´m searching for and to see what I´ve already found choose this link: Family tree for Carina Skytt (http://gw1.geneanet.org/index.php3?b=skytt)

15-12-04, 02:27
A password appears to be required.
Welcome to sfhs!


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:D Thank you!!

15-12-04, 05:33
Very interesting, since Dick STAAF shares my maiden name. My father was born a STAAF in Övermalax.. Perhaps we're related!

15-12-04, 05:50
Family tree for Carina Skytt

What I meant is that when I visited the site, I found a password and user name that I did not know was required to view what you had collected about Carina Skytt.


15-12-04, 16:20
To Chuck

You don´t need a password. It´s standar for the program I use to "print" password for admin or friend. You can search the files by just following the links A - B -C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z or why don´t you check my other new homeside (in swedish only, sorry) Proband Isak Mattsson (http://web.telia.com/~u31823273/)


15-12-04, 16:26
Hi Carina,
I hope you don't mind but I split your thread into its own. I figured it might be easier for others to find and hopefully help you out.

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She took pity upon me and pointed things out about the alphabet:)

Now if you'd had things hidden beneath the carpet, I could find them but when they are out there in the open, I am lost.