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15-12-04, 17:21
First of all..congratulations on the new logo... so fresh. so bold, so strong....just BURSTING with "sisu".

and.. while SFHS was "down" yesterday, while surfing the web, I typed in my great grandmother's name in "search" and was bowled over with the response which went on for more than 16 "pages" 8 -10 websites per page. Her maiden name was
Brita Isaksdotter Antus b. 4-11-1820 (Vora?). I found nothing immediately but did send out several e-mails to possible respondees.

The name Antus seems to me a very uncommon name and the websites proved otherwise.
Does anyone out there on the Forum have anything under "A's"
She married my great-grandfather Johan Martensson Hafman, b. 24-05-1824. (Perhaps she preferred younger men).

Coffee mug is empty and needs refilling

thank you


June Pelo
15-12-04, 19:18
Hasse Andtbacka has data on Tage Karl Erik Antus, b. 10 Apr 1956, Jakobstad. He married Tova Margareta Norrlund in 1981 and they have 2 sons, Tony and Tomas.