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Sören Ahinko
15-12-04, 22:16
My wifes grandfather, Heikki Korhonen born 1879 in Sievi, went to America about 1900. He went back to Finland some years later. But that is all we know.
It would be very intersting to know where he was and if he had a family in USA.

in a very rainy and warm Fagersta. ( It would be nice if it would be cold and some snow.)

16-12-04, 04:35
I found the following on the Ellis Island site. It's close in age to the Heikki you're seeking. He traveled on s.s. Umbria, arriving March 9, 1903. He was traveling to his friend, Karl Lehtonen, at Box 870, Two Harbors, Minnesota.

It lists his last residence in Finland as Hango, but I've seen that listed even when I knew they were from elsewhere.

I couldn't make out his occupation. Possibly a Tailor.

First Name: Heikki
Last Name: Korhonen
Ethnicity: Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Hango
Date of Arrival: March 09, 1903
Age at Arrival: 25y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Umbria
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0001

16-12-04, 04:51
I found the Heikki Korhonen mentioned above in the 1920 census in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

It listed Heikki as "John Korhonen", lists his immigration year as 1903, shows him as single and working as a sweeper in a machine shop.

I also checked for Karl Lehtonen and found "John Lehtinen", immigrated 1901, 45 yrs old, single and also working as a sweeper in a machine shop.

Of course both were listed as lodgers in the Two Harbors area of Minnesota.

June Pelo
16-12-04, 21:19
I think the reason Hangö is shown as the last place of residence in Finland is because most of the emigrants sailed from there - and probably they stayed overnight at a hotel there. My father said he and his family stayed overnight at a hotel in Hangö before sailing to England and on to the US.


Sören Ahinko
16-12-04, 21:47
Thank you Kevin and June!

There is to many Heikki Korhonen I believe.
I´ve found one Heikki was leaving Finland, January 5 1901.
And that I think is the right Heikki. And that he was going to Ironwood in Minnesota. Is Two Harbour nearby Iroonwood?

And if he is the same guy that who came to USA in 1903, where was he over 2 years?

And I´m sure of that Heikki that you found in 1920 census is not the right one. Because that guy that I´m looking fore did get married in 1915 in Finland. And they got one son in 1917, my father-in-law.

Sören, still in a rainy Fagersta:mad:

16-12-04, 22:58
Hi Sören,
Ironwood is in Michigan, rather than Minnesota. Based on your latest information, I don't believe the Two Harbors, Minnesota Heikki is the correct one.

I just quickly searched in the 1910 census in Michigan for Heikki but the census records on Ancestry.com only have an index of the Heads of Household and Heikki didn't show up. He may have been a border living with someone else. Maybe one of the members has access to Genealogy.com's index as they have more info for 1910.