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16-12-04, 07:05

I'm trying to find out who my grandparent's parents are. He was born in the Åland islands, probably in Eckerö. I'm looking specifically for church records of the local parish, however, the available microfilm from SVAR doesn't go late enough. I'm looking for parish records in Eckerö in 1911. I was wondering if anyone could help me in any way, or where I can turn, or whom I can write, thank you in advance,

Jon Reed

16-12-04, 07:54
The first name which comes to mind is Ingemar Ekman, a member of Finlander. You can email him through the member list. He's helped innumerable people to find their roots in Åland.

Ingemar Ekman
16-12-04, 21:51
I will be happy to help you and I plan to be at the archive in Mariehamn some days prior January 06. I have also at home a book about the village Torp in Eckerö with a lot of genealogy information. Please send me the informaion you have.
Best Regards,