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18-12-04, 18:00
Is it possible to trace the home parish of Alexander Strom from Finland by means of US censuses?

Steven R. Strom wrote today:

Yes, please post my query again._ I'm looking for any leads._ The latest news I have is that he may have arrived in New York with a brother._ This brother may have settled in Georgia._ _ Thanks, _ Steven R. Strom

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Looking for information on Alexander Strom
Posted by: Steven Strom (ID *****9241)
Date: February 21, 2004 at 11:06:10

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I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Alexander Strom. He was born in Finland 10/25/1865 according to the inscription on his tombstone. He came to
the United States at some point. Oral family history states he was in the midwest somewhere and came to western North Carolina (Madison County) or East Tennessee
(Cocke County)with a friend and stayed here.

Alexander married Hester Netherton on 4/20/1889. They had four children:
Otto H. Strom b. 2/17/1893
Flora Strom b. 7/31/1895
Hubert A. Strom b. 3/2/1897
William Strom b. 12/22/1898

Alexander died on 2/25/1899 and is buried in Marshall, North Carolina at Dry Pond Cemetery.

I cannot find any information about Alexander since I don't know where he was prior to the 1890 census.

Maybe he had a brother or father named Otto since his first son was named Otto. Can anyone provide additional information to help me through this brick wall?

Steve Strom
Raleigh, NC


Re: Looking for information on Alexander Strom Staffan Storteir 2/23/04

Re: Looking for information on Alexander Strom
Posted by: Staffan Storteir (ID *****7377)
Date: February 23, 2004 at 10:15:51
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He is hard to find:

(1) He possibly emigrated before 1892 so he can't be searched from the Emigrant Register or the Ellis Island archive.
(2) The name Alexander Ström possibly indicates that he was a Swede-Finn, but the surname is rather common. There were many persons named Ström who
emigrated from the coastal parishes in Ostrobothnia, but partly it only reflects the great amount of emigrants from these parishes.
(3) He might have shortened his name from Ström....

Anyhow it might be useful to send a query to the message boards where there are participants with access to databases of names in Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia.

Discuss genealogy in Ostrobothnia http://www.qnet.fi/westside/discus/

The Finlander Forum http://finlander.eget.net/index.php

The only other advice I can give is to use Ström (o with dots) when searching him in Finnish databases.


19-12-04, 05:32
I found this record on the Mormon website. I also checked the 1880 census and there was 1 Alex Strom b.1839 Sweden.


Birth: 17 MAY 1865

Christening: 20 MAY 1865 Rautu, Viipuri, Finland


Father: JOHAN STROM Family

Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the birth or christening date.

Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:

C451451 1737 - 1866 0055678 Film NONE

C451451 1856 - 1866 0068398 Film NONE

Sheet: 00

19-12-04, 06:36

I just tried a search for Strom within the istg(immigrant ship transcribers guild) website but did not find him.

This particular way is good for looking for an individual, especially if you don't know when they arrived and or where.

Swenson Swedish Immigration Center will be of no help because they do not have microfilms of Swedish lang churches in Tennessee, Georgia, or North Carolina.


19-12-04, 11:20
HisKi: christened records for Viipuri/Viborg do not contain Viipurin ruotsalainen srk - Viborgs svenska förs after 1864 or Viipurin ortodoksinen srk - Viborgs ortodoxa förs 1859-1868. In Viborgs svenska förs - christened there was a family Ström where the name Alexander occurs in early 1800's, but there are no records available for 1865.

I was not able to find the Alexander Strom b. 17 MAY 1865 Christening: 20 MAY 1865 Rautu, Viipuri, Finland in HisKi.

Current records christened:

Viipurin msrk - Viborgs lf
1686-1697, 1717-1753, 1793-1879,

Viipurin ortodoksinen srk - Viborgs ortodoxa
1818-1819, 1824-1825, 1836-1837,
1839, 1844-1852, 1858, 1869-1876

Viipurin ruotsalainen srk - Viborgs svenska förs

Viipurin tuomiokirkkoseurakunta - Viborgs