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20-12-04, 19:43
On the Republic MI Apostolic Lutheran church record for my father's father is the name of his 1st wife, Ida born 21 10 1867, born at Alatornio. No surname given on the members book.
I have learned that Alatornio and Ylitornio were one and the same parish back in the 1860s under the Alatornio name. Hiski does not show Alatornio records of birth/christening going up to the 1860s but the Ylitornio hiski records do cover that event so I thought to see if my Ida is there. The image attached is of the hiski page and it strongly suggests that this is my Ida and that I can give her a surname of Wuosku and nother is Eva. I am curious about what Inh. Isak. Sal:sn translate into: I'd be grateful for some comments about this finding.

20-12-04, 20:24
Hey Chuck,
"Inh" is an abbreviation for Inhyses: boarder (tenant). My best guess for the patronymic is maybe Salomon's son.

See this website for plenty of info regarding Finnish genealogy:

20-12-04, 21:46
I kinda thought it might be Salomonson or Solomonson but didn't want to assume anything here.
Well, at least I am still hanging in here:)