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20-12-04, 19:59
My mother once told me that her mother's maiden name was Huhtala (spelling uncertain to her) and that she was from Alahärmä or maybe Ylihärmä. The hiski records for Ylihärmä do not reach into the 1870s but those of Alahärmä do so this is what I found and this could be my mother's mother. We have her as Miina or Mina, the correct birth year of 1875 for age 27 in 1902 and the name Huhtala shows up as the farm name.
I have a record from the passenger list at migration institute that names her Miina Kujansuu and that she emigrated in 1902 while her husband Karl emigrated in 1901.
Unfortunately hiski records of marriages cover 1778-1891 so they of course did not appear there. It is my opinion they married in 1901 before Karl went to America. Of course there is the outside possibility that this is not my Mina. I would be grateful for comments here.

20-12-04, 20:21
If you're looking at the Mina born Jan of 1875, I don't think that's the correct Mina. If you look where it says "original" underneath the listing, you'll see a cross then 22/2/1875. From my experience, that refers to the individual's date of death. So in this case, this Mina died about 1 month old.

Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

20-12-04, 20:40
I´m afraid Kevin is correct and this Mina could not possibly be correct. I found the death record for her in Hiski.
When researching Ylihärmä or Alahärmä one needs to keep in mind the changing nature of ´family names´ in the area. The name used in passenger records etc might also be the name of the house a person was living in at the time, f.ex. as a servant and not necesserily the name of his/her father.
I have quite a few Huhtalas and Kujansuus from the parishes in my records but not your Miina. The communion books of Ylihärmä have lists of emigrants to America but I don´t have access to them at the moment. They might be useful in tracking you Mina.

Jaska Sarell
20-12-04, 20:46
Kevin is right about that comment.
Chuck, you should include name Wilhelmina, which was often shortened as Mina. I would have expected that HisKi search included both results with either entry, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. It doesn't seem to help much, instead gives more suspects :confused:

Alahärmä marriage records seem to be available in the National Archives until 1915.

:) Jaska

20-12-04, 21:20
Well, I learned something about hiski from this. I went to Alahärmä buried list and found her and her dad listed.

additional: I went back to the full Ostrobothnia listing and looked for Wilhelmina christened - I did not find her but did notice that Ylihärmä christened dates did indeed cover my timeframe.

Speaking of timeframe for her, the migration passenger info for her gave her age as 27.
She departed Finland 28-06-1902 so she had to have been born after 28-06-1874 and before 28-06-1875 with age 27.

My search criteria was a birthdate between the dates shown above with the name Huhtala as a surname. Maybe even a farm name.