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14-09-03, 16:57
Hello again!
Sorry about the no message on the first one--here it is for a second time! I'm looking for my gg-grandmother, Amanda Gustava Blomqvist and relatives.
House maid, maidservant Amanda Gustava BLOMQVIST born 4 May 1865 in
Piikkis. Moved 3 Dec 1881, unmarried from Piikkis to Pargas, Skyttböle
Moved 1884 to Kapellstrand village and 1885 to Kårlax village, 1886 to Levo
village and 1887 to Tara village.
She moved 6 Nov 1899, unmarried from Pargas to Kimito.
Eight illegitimate children, recorded in the church records in Pargas:
1) House maid Lydia Amanda LEIVO born Blomqvist born 20 Oct 1882 in
Pargas dead 13 Sep 1960 in Pargas, Married 6 Mar 1940 to Fredrik Sergei
Leivo from Pargas civil list, No children in this marriage. The wife had
Hjördis Margit BRIS born Blomqvist 29 Apr 1911 in Pargas, married 23 June
1944 with from Saltvik 31 Dec 1947 moved seacaptain Sven Mikael Bris
born 13 Dec 1908 in Vårdö. They moved to Saltvik Åland 25 May 1948
2) Frans Matias BLOMQVIST born 24 Feb 1887 in Kusto, moved 6 Nov 1899
from Pargas to Kimito.
3) Fanny Augusta BLOMQVIST born 20 Sep 1888 in Pargas, moved 6 Nov 1899
from Pargas to Kimito.
4) Anna Vilhelmina BLOMQVIST born 6 Apri 1891 in Pargas, Twin. moved
6 Nov 1899 from Pargas to Kimito.
5) Alexandra Vilhelmina BLOMQVIST born 6 Apri 1891 in Pargas, Twin. moved
6 Nov 1899 from Pargas to Kimito.

6) Johannes Ferdinand BLOMQVIST, born 23 July 1893 in Pargas, dead
29 July 1893 in Pargas.
7) Ellen Erika BLOMQVIST born 27 July 1894 in Karuna. Moved
6 Nov 1899 from Pargas to Kimito.
8) Sigrid Amanda BLOMQVIST, born 30 Nov 1896 in Kimito Moved
6 Nov 1899 from Pargas to Kimito
Amanda Gustava Blomqvist b. 4.5.1865 Piikkis (fi. Piikkiö), moved to Kimito
from Pargas in January 1900, died in Kimito 16.6.1949.
Her children (outside marriage):
1. Frans Matthias b.24.2.1887 Kimito, moved from Pargas to Kimito with
his mother 10.1.1900 and from Kimito to Pargas 10.3.1904.
2. Fanny Augusta b.20.9. Pargas, moved from Pargas to Kimito with her
mother 10.1.1900 and from Kimito to Pargas 18.7.1904.
3. Anna Wilhelmina b.6.4.1891 Pargas, moved from Pargas to Kimito with
her mother 10.1.1900 and from Kimito to Pargas 19.5.1908.
4. Alexandra Wilhelmina b.6.4.1891 Pargas, moved from Pargas to Kimito
with her mother 10.1.1900 and from Kimito to Pargas 29.11.1907.
5. Ellen Erika b.27.7.1894 Karuna, died 23.10.1895. (Written
comment: "Died before their movement to Kimito, but her death seems not to
have been reported to Pargas.")
6. Sigrid Amanda b.30.11.1896 Kimito, moved from Pargas to Kimito with
her mother 10.1.1900 and from Kimito to Bjärnå (fi. Perniö) 20.1.1921.
Her children (outside marriage):
a. Hjördis Adele b.10.1.1913, moved 20.1.1921 to Bjärnå (fi. Perniö),
moved from St Karins (fi. Kaarina) to Kimito 24.5.1932, married 23.6.1932 to
Arvid Alexander Jakobsson, and died 1.9.1932 one week after the birth of their
common child Elvi Adele b.24.8.1932 Kimito. Elvi Adele was married 11.7.1954
to Pentti Kalevi Mattila b.6.1.1931 Somero, and moved from Kimito to Somero
b. Väinö Vilhelm b.16.2.1916 Kimito, moved to Bjärnå (fi. Perniö)
c. Rauha Alaksandra b.21.6.1920 Bjärnå, moved to Bjärnå (fi. Perniö)
7. Ivar Alexander b.8.4.1900 Kimito, died 23.6.1900.
8. Arthur Wilhelm b.6.4.1904 Kimito, died 7.5.1907.
Any information would be much appreciated and feel free to email me at: brboeldt%40succeed.net
Thank you,
Tracy, Yuba City, CA

22-09-03, 00:06
Hi Tracy,
I just met someone on Friday who emigrated from near Kimito, and has had some family working there in the 1920's. She is 75 or so, so won't have any current info on your search but she may know someone whom you could contact.

What is it that you need to know? Your info looked pretty complete. I will then email the question to her and see if she has any response.

Please include your email in your answer, so they can contact you directly.

Syrene Forsman

Tracy Boeldt
22-09-03, 20:20
Hi Syrene,
Thanks for the reply! The information is pretty complete on the surface, there is just some holes and hunches left to investigate. I'm trying to figure out where my gg grandmother, Amanda Gustava Blomqvist came from. She's listed as being born in Piikkis, but when I wrote to the Piikkis parish, they said she wasn't born there. After leaving the Pargas parish, she moved to Kimito and this is where she died. She worked in a lot of the farms in the area (she had a nick name "Perun-Manda") and the last place she worked as a housekeeper for a man named Johan Fredrik Järn or Johansson (it seems that this man change his name). There are many mysteries about this relative--a lot of her children seem to be born in or die in different parishes that what is listed and there was a time period that Amanda Gustava was living in a different village (about a year) away from her children. I emailed a newspaper in Kimito about placing an ad in the paper, but I never got a response from them. It would be great if you could speak to this person who emigrated from Kimito--my email address is on the message above. By the way, I was just in Seattle this summer visiting my brother--the weather was perfect!
Thanks again,

22-09-03, 21:17
Hi Tracy,
I emailed your email to Vancouver BC. They were in Seattle for the weekend. Don't know if they are home yet.
Good luck!

Tracy Boeldt
29-11-03, 04:41
Hi Syrene!
I was wondering if you had a chance to email the friend we talked about in September? I was surfing the site and came across this chat we had about her and was wondering if she has gotten the message or not?

29-11-03, 04:59
If I remember correctly the person is the wife of Ulf Fagerlund, Anita. Are you a member of SFHS? They are in 2002 Membership Roster.

Tracy Boeldt
29-11-03, 05:05
Hej again!
No, I am not a member of SFHS.

29-11-03, 05:23
Hi Tracy,
Would you be insulted if I asked you to support the organization within which Hasse has organized this wonderful website? The SFHS homepage has a downloadable membership app. <http://sfhs.eget.net>
Your membership entitles you to four Quartelies per year with articles about Finland's Swedish culture, genealogy, history, and emigrant desitinies, most often in North America since that's whence most went. It costs $20 for seniors and $25 for others. The Membership Roster is published every other year and includes villages of origin for each member. What a resource!

Tracy Boeldt
29-11-03, 05:42
No, I am not insulted by that request--I've been meaning to (just like I should be getting my Gedcom file in to Talko, but then I have to make a decision on what genealogy program I want)--it is probalby a good thing to put on my Xmas wish list!
Thanks Syrene!