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14-09-03, 17:03
I seek origins of my gt gt grandfather Josef Salin who said he was born (probably 1785-1790)in Abo Province, Finland. His birth does not appear in Parish records and the name may have been adopted. By family tradition he was an orphan, raised by an uncle in Stockholm who was a doctor. Is there a register of doctors in Stockholm 1790-1805?? A Swedish speaking mariner, Josef arrived in Philadelphia, PA in 1818.

Re: Josef Salin by David Webb

Hello, there was a Joseph Salin born 14 Dec 1788 in Ulfsby, in the Satakunda region (which is between Ostrobothnia and Åboland). Is it possible this is the same person? Parents' names: Eric Salin and Lena Michelsdotter.

Re: Josef Salin by Syrene Forsman

Your relative is a rare one! 1818 is very early for the average Scandinavian to emigrate, but it did happen. AS the president of the Swedish Finn Historical Society I would be VERY interested in your relative's history getting published in our members' Quarterly. Please let me know how the story is coming along.
By the way, there is an Emigrant Institute in Växjö, Sweden. It has a web page available. We have visited there a number of times, and found the research rooms well run. However they do charge for any work done. (It's a shock because all the work done for the Swedish Finn Historical Society is volunteer!) You might find a hint of something there.
You probably already know about the New Sweden Colonial Society located in Philadelphia. They also have a web page. They've been in existence a long time! (SFHS is only 11 years old.) Since the New Sweden Colony was established in 1638, they have a LOT of relatives to research. Their Quarterly has excellent articles. I'll bet you could send them a query about any traces of your ancestor.
Best of luck!
Syrene Forsman,
president SFHS

Re: Josef Salin by Gunnar Damstrom

Dr. Jarl Gunnar Salin is a well known scientist, a graduate from Åbo Akademi where his father was a professor and famous researcer. Contact Jarl Gunnar Salin at JarlGunnar.Salin%40tratek.se
Gunnar Damstrom