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Hasse Andtbacka
14-09-03, 20:52
Six of my mother’s aunts emigrated to USA between 1888 and 1907. We have no trace of anyone of them or their descendants. All help are appreciated.

My Great-grandfather’s family:

Tenant farmer Matts Mattsson Granvik, b. 2.8.1845 in Terjärv, d. 2.10.1921. Married 25.1.1866 to Anna Lovisa Andersdr Häll, b. 16.2.1846 in Esse, d. 21.3.1910.


1. Matts Leander b. 1.3.1867
2. Edla Sofia b. 3.12.1869
to America 29.8.1888
3. Anna Alina b. 20.2.1872
to Vasa 20.8.1891, later to America (see below)
4. Anders Emil b. 25.12.1873
my grandfather, lived in America between 1894 and 1906.
5. Emma Lovisa b. 24.3.1875, d. 17.1.1888
6. Ida Maria b. 22.8.1877
to America 9.4.1897
7. Johan Oskar b. 16.11.1879
8. Johanna Emilia b. 30.3.1882
certificate to America 31.8.1900, from Hangö with “Arcturus” 8.9.1900, destination New York
9. Hilma Eufemia b. 7.11.1885
certificate to America 3.5.1906, from Hangö 30.5.1906, from Liverpool 6.6.1906 with “Oceanic” to New York. Married in America.
10. Emma Lovisa b. 18.2.1889
certificate to America 18.9.1907. Traveled together with her sister Ida Maria, who had been visiting her home. From Hangö 2.10.1907 with “Arcturus”, from England with “Caronia” 8.10.1907 to New York. Emma sent a couple of Christmas cars 1907 and 1909 stamped in New York / Brooklyn, no sender’s address.

We have a picture of Emilia Granvik, taken by ICM Stone, 311-5240 St., Brooklyn.

Anna Alina (in America Anna Lisa) Granvik, b. 20.2.1872, married Karl Arvid Åkerman, b. 26.4.1876 in Singsby, Vasa.
1. Edit Alina b. 20.1.1895
2. Edvin Albert b. 8.9.1896
3. Ester Elida b. 29.12.1898
4. Elsa Emilia b. 20.10.1901

This Åkerman (Ackerman) family belonged to Salem Lutheran Church in Brooklyn. Also Johanna Emilia was a member. An Amelia Granvik, unmarried, left the parish in 1917.

Helena Andtbacka

06-03-04, 01:38
Hi Hasse,
At Ellis Island I found her in 1907 and shown from Terrjarvi. Looking at the original manifest, it shows that she was in America in 1897 so that matches up with your info. She must have returned to Finland and back again. The original manifest tells us she went to visit her sister, Aline Akerman.

I didn't read further in Hasse's post about Emma traveling together with Ida but you can just about see her name there.


06-03-04, 01:57
Found at Ellis Island with original manifest showing her visiting America in 1897 and 1901 and the 1901 image is attached.
She is shown visiting a friend in NY city.


06-03-04, 02:02
No manifest image available and I did this printscreen a big larger to enclose the names of the other Teerijarvi emigrants:)

06-03-04, 04:20
Here's the family as found in the 1910 census in Brooklyn, NY. They're listed as Charles and Helena. Charles age is about 5 yrs off from what you listed. Notice also their immigration years in the far right column: 1889 for Charles and 1890 for Helena (Anna).

The "16" is the number of years married and the two #4s represent the total number of children and the number still living.

I think I found Amelia also but the age was off. I'll go back and check a post that image for you as well.

06-03-04, 04:25
Here's the image of Amelia from Brooklyn, NY in 1910. She's a servant for the Brown family. Her age is listed as 26. Born Finland, speaks Swedish and immigrated in 1901.

06-03-04, 04:27
Helena, you didn't mention a Hjalmar but I found this Hyalmar Granvik in the New York census for 1910 also. He was in Manhattan and may not be related but thought you'd like to see it anyway.

Granvik, Hyalmar K.
Age: 28
Gender: M
Race: W
Birthplace: FINL
State: New York
County: NEW YORK
Series: T624
Roll: 1027
Part: 2
Page: 62B

06-03-04, 04:36
This is from the Ellis Island site:

06-03-04, 04:37
I was surprised to find her at the mormon site but check the attached image. It shows her married in New York plus the name of her husband, Henrik F. Lundman


06-03-04, 04:42
This image from the mormon site shows the date of the marriage to Karl Akerman


06-03-04, 04:44
Hey Chuck, we make a pretty good team, huh? ;)

Hasse Andtbacka
06-03-04, 07:39
Wow! :D

This is more information in one morning than we have got before in ten years!

:D Thank you Chuck & Kevin, Thank you :D

Helena A

06-03-04, 08:53
Hi Helena,

Just a little more to add to the collection. I'm fairly certain this will prove to be Emma Lovisa on the 1910 census also in Manhattan.

GRAMICH Emma L age 20 b. Fin New York 12-WD Manhattan 1027 2 257 B NY


06-03-04, 13:03
Originally posted by kpaavola
Hey Chuck, we make a pretty good team, huh? ;)

Actually, I should take a moment and thank everyone for being so willing to help each other out! This is really a great group of people.

I know I have been helped tremendously by others here and the feeling is great when you break through a brick wall. We seem to have a collection of people who have a very diverse set of materials at their disposal to help each other out.

With many thanks,

07-03-04, 02:38
A fun time and I'll be heading to Swenson to check out that church microfilm so I am fortunate to have that opportunity.


10-03-04, 01:54
I was really expecting to find everybody at Salem Lutheran in Brooklyn but that did not happen.
I looked for surnames Granvik, Lundman, Åkerman [Okerman} - I found 2 people
on membership list page 81 in book 1:

Amelia Granvik, Teerjärvi, Finland, b. 30-3-1883, received 11-4-1909 no emigration date. Removed and dismissal to NY, 12-15-191.
Emma Granvik, Teerjärvi, Finland, b. 18-2-1889, received 11-4-1909 no emigration date. Removed and dismissal to NY, 12-15-191.
So I shall check lutheran churches in New York [ Manhattan Island] next time.


Hasse Andtbacka
10-03-04, 06:39
Thank you Chuck! :)


11-03-04, 10:44
Hi Helena,

I searched the 1910 HQ cd for Lundman looking for Henry unsuccessfully. However I did find these versions of the name, mostly in the Manhattan area and wondered whether Sophie Lundman might be Edla Sofia (nee Granvik) Lundman?
LUINDMAN John 29 Fin New York 12-WD Manhattan 1013 2 281 A NY
LINDMAN Minie S 28 Fin New York 22-WD Manhattan 1046 1 5 B NY
LUNDMAN Sophie 39 Fin New York 22-WD Manhattan 1048 1 241 A NY
LANDMARK Thuro 25 Fin New York 19-WD Manhattan 1040 1 134 A NY
LYDMAN Jacob 46 Fin Kings 30-WD Brooklyn 985 3 49 A NY

At the following site are lots of Ackerman naturalisation records in both databases.
Southern District Court of NY Naturalization Records Index 1906 - 1959
Bronx District Court of NY Naturalization Records Index
1914 - 1952


Hasse Andtbacka
11-03-04, 11:06
Thank you Jeanette :D

Sophie Lundman is of the correct age.

BTW, the url doesn't open :confused:


11-03-04, 11:20
My apologies,

I will try again.

ITALIAN GENEALOGY GROUP Web Site Located at: http://www.italiangen.org/default.stm

This hopefully will open at the Bronx search page.

Best wishes,


12-03-04, 00:31
Gustavus-Adolphus Lutheran, S190-1 and S190-2 is a big set of microfilms without member index whatever. I checked for marriages and did not find your Granvik sisters there so they got married somewhere else in town
S184, Salem Lutheran in Brooklyn marriage lists begin in 1905 so searched there for Amelia and Hilma but I went thru all years thru 1915 without success. I also was not successful at S187, Immanual Lutheran in Brooklyn. S188-2, Bethelehem Lutheran in Brooklyn also yielded similar negative results for marriages of Granvik girls. I made certain to look for Granvik, Åkerman, Okerman, Lundman names.
Unless we get some ideas outside of the NY city area, I am afraid we are at a dead end here at Swenson.

31-03-05, 19:57
Hi there

Carl Arvid Ackerman - Akerman - Åkerman belongs to my branch and he married Anna Alina as everyone of us knows in Brooklyn in 14.7.1894. They had four children.
I found two of them Edwin A. Ackerman with Births certificate 44928 in New York and Esther Akerman with certificate 19658 in Borough of Broklyn. These childrens day of births are quite correct.
I havent find the whole family in US Census yet. Anna Alina is official declared as dead 1.1.1963 and Karl Arvid is declaired as death 30.7.1962
Does anyone know anything more of the family as the day of death?