View Full Version : The Thomas' cross - Tomas korset - Tuomaan risti

21-12-04, 09:10
A traditional Christmas decoration back home was the "Tomas korset" carved from three pieces of wood with a sharp "puukko" knife. Simple and nice! Quite hard to get symmetric as far as I recall.

22-12-04, 06:30
I remember seeing one of these in our friend's home growing up. I was always amazed at the intricacy and craftsmanship. Now I know the name of it! :)

Karen Douglas
22-12-04, 14:29
This cross is beautiful, Haase! Are these still being created by craftsmen yet today?


Paivi T
22-12-04, 14:33
I know schools where this lovely decoration is a crafts project for Christmas.

Päivi T

June Pelo
02-12-05, 21:29
A year ago there was a discussion about this cross. One of my friends in the UP of Michigan wanted to let you know there is a local man in Tapiola, MI named Pete Olson who makes these crosses. He is one of Copper Country Wood Carvers and carves fan birds, swans, hummingbirds, etc.

Pete Olson
35496 Pike River Road
Chassell, MI 49916
Phone: 906-334-2581