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Kenneth Sundbom
21-12-04, 10:33
Does anybody have information about my grandfathers sister Hilda Maria Lillrank (=Maria Little), born October 30, 1881 in Terjärv, Finland (and descendants)? She moved to America and I have found her in Ellis Island records tree times: arrived first time August 2, 1899, second time October 22, 1905, and third time April 1, 1908. She was married Mars 29, 1905 to Arthur Little (who according to tradition was of Irish origin). The family in Finland knows about one daughter, Isabel Maria, born August 23, 1906, but think there where more children.
In Ellis Island record I have found Arthur and Maria Little’s address between 1905 and 1923: 175 MacDougal St., Manhattan, New York, NY.

Thanks in advance!

Karen Norwillo
21-12-04, 23:50
Kenneth, On Ancestry.com, I found:
1910 census, Manhattan, NY, line 38-41
Lyttle, Arthur, age 34, married 5 yrs., Ireland/English, emigrated 1893, coachman, private family
Lyttle, Marie, 29, married 5 yrs, 2 children, Finland, 1900
Lyttle, Isabelle, 4, NY
Lyttle, James A, 2, NY

1920 census, Manhattan, NY, line 47-50, Arthur is 45, Marie is 38, Isabell is 13 and James is 11. Arthur was naturalized 1913, he is a chauffeur, private family

1930 census, Richmond, NY, line 5-12

Lyttle, Arthur, 55, Ireland, chauffeur, private family, emigrated 1895
Lyttle, Marie, 48, Finland/Swedish, emigrated 1901
Lyttle, Isabelle, 23, single, secretary in church
Lyttle, James, 22, single, salesman, cotton firm
Lyttle, Letitia, 20, single, secretary office
Lyttle, John, 18, single, clerk, office
Lyttle, Edward, 14
Lyttle, Margaret, 12

Guess I need to go back and look at the 1920 census and go on to the next page for those other children. Missed them. Thought the family was complete, but obviously was continued on the next page. Hope this helps. Karen

Karen Norwillo
22-12-04, 00:14
Went back and checked the 1920 census. Letitia was 9, John was 8, Edward was 4 and Margaret was 1 3/12. All born NY
I also found Arthur's WWI draft Registration from 12 Sep 1918. He was born 5 May 1875, lives at 175 MacDougal St Manhattan, is employed as a coachman for John H Davis. He is med height, small build, brown hair and eyes. Marie Lyttle is closest relative.
Also , found his Declaration of Intent New York County 1907-1924, volume 15, page 225
New York Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index 1907-24, vol. 49, pg. 92, Arthur Lyttle, 175 MacDougal St. became a citizen 4 Mar 1913. Maria would have become a citizen at the same time. Karen

Karen Norwillo
22-12-04, 04:18
Found on our SSDI, James Lyttle, born 25 Jan 1908, died Nov 1977, last residence Wellesley, Norfolk, Mass. SS issued in New York. Fits his age and was the only entry close.
John Lyttle, born 19 Jan 1912, died Jul 1987 in Babylon, Suffolk, New York, SS issued NY. Again, fits age. Did not find Edward, so he may still be alive. Didn't look for the girls as they probably married and would be under their married name. Karen

Kenneth Sundbom
22-12-04, 21:30
Hello Karen!

I have allways searched for "Little", but this "Lyttle" family seams to be right.

I didn´t tell you - the family tradition in Finland talks about 6 children - just as the census says.

Many Thanks