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Bob Ojala
15-09-03, 09:05
I just received the following information on my g-grandfather's sister, Maria Löytymätöin.
If anyone has information on the Mäenpää American family and their descendants, please let me know.

Bob Ojala

Maria Ericsdotter Mäenpää (Maiden name Löytymätöin) B: 02.09.1826, Isokyrö; D: 27.05.1893, Isokyrö, married 07.11.1855 with Jakob Isaksson Mäenpää B:18.01.1836, Isokyrö; D:29.11.1915, Isokyrö

They had one son, Jakob Jacobsson B:19.08.1855, Isokyrö; D: 07.11.1906, Waukegan, Illinois USA.
Moved to America 1887. He was married 13.10.1878 with Maria Jacobsdotter Mäenpää (Maiden name Kytöluhta) B:30.01.1855,Isokyrö. Moved to America 1893. Died 01.01.1942

They had two children,

Hilma Maria Jacobsdotter Sivula (Maiden name Mäenpää) B: 23.04.1881,
Isokyrö. Moved to America 1893. Married 26.06.1898 (at Waukegan,
Illinois) with Kustaa Heikinpoika Sivula (from Ähtäri)

Jakob Jakobsson Mäenpää B: 18.04.1885, Isokyrö; D: 1887, Isokyrö

Jacob Isaksson Mäenpää was married second time 24.02.1894 with Maria
Matintytär Mäenpää (Maiden name Eskola) B:20.08.1837, Isokyrö; D:
17.04.1905, Isokyrö

They had son, Iisac Jacobsson Mäenpää, B: 30.06.1858, Isokyrö.
Moved to America 1885. He died 01.01.1949.

05-08-04, 09:35
Hi Bob,

I have only now come across your request for information and hope this info will still be of use to you. I found a listing for an Isiac Majenpaa on the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census cd

Details are:
MAJENPAA Isiac age 52 Fin County ASHTABULA , Locality CONNEAUT, T624-roll 1152, part 2, page 18A, OHIO

Two other Finnish born Maenpaas' were also listed in Ashtabula
MAENPAA John, 39 ASHTABULA, Saybrook Twp 1153 1 15B OH

SIVULA Gus 34 Fin LAKE, 5-WD WAUKEGAN 302 1 277A IL
SIVULA Hilma 29 Fin LAKE, 5-WD WAUKEGAN 302 1 277A IL

There are other Sivula listings in MA 4, MI 1, OH 3 and WI 1.


Bob Ojala
06-08-04, 23:01

Thanks, Jeanette!
I will look into these leads you have supplied. I have been so busy the last year, I had many other things to keep me busy, but now I will add these people to my list of investigations to complete.

Bob Ojala