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23-12-04, 04:05
Hild Sofia Mejar b. 1888-10-05 d. 1950-03-24.

I´m having trouble finding her in any records. Her siblings are named Emil, Reinholt and Alma Lund. I think they´re from Petalax. I´ve found a man in the 1700 namned Hr. Mattz Meijlundh he married J. Juliana Werandra. Maybe the name Mejar and Lund was split into two. Hilda Mejar and Emil, Reinholt and Alma Lund???

I don´t know - what do you think??? //Cina

23-12-04, 06:13
It might be useful if we were to know your source.
If you have emigration information, that could be very useful.
Anything that doesn't seem important could be the key that leads to something else.
I had something like that recently with a family that went to America but there was no real trace until a relative in Sweden put out a query on this guy and named the others who we had found. Her information helped the Swenson genealogist come up with the alternative emigranten search which revealed this man and the rest is history :)
For a different family, it was the oral history that everybody came over from Sweden except this one brother and it was thru that info about the one guy that we found the proper surname in Sweden so if you have something more, it's worth posting it here.

28-12-04, 13:56
I´ve got my information from relatives + headstone

Hilda, Sofia Mejar

f. 1888-10-05 Bergö, Finland - or 1888-05-14 according to S. Söderlund

d.1950-03-24 Finland - 1950-05-24 according to S. Söderlund

Burried: Åmossa baptistförsamling, Petalax, Malax, Finland

Married to August Söderlund (1889 - 1947)

Elna, Irene Söderlund (1911 - 1979)
Axel Söderlund (1912 - 1974)
Gunnar Söderlund (1914 - 1977)
Jenny, Lovisa Söderlund (1919 - 1993)
Etel, Elvira Söderlund (1922 - 1989)
Lydia Söderlund (1923 - )
Sylvia Söderlund (1925 - )
Karl, Georg Söderlund