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25-12-04, 19:57

If you are thinking about building your own indoor sauna, here are some pics my son did of his sauna in the making.

Look at them from the bottom and you can see the finished product - exterior to be temporarily painted I think. John tells me that he's had it up to 85C so far and maybe that's as far as it will go but not bad for Americans who, compared to Finns, are essentially wimps about sauna heat:)


26-12-04, 13:20
I checked out the pictures. My compliments on fine craftmanship. Everything seems to be just right.

I is about the same size as my own. 85C is more than enough. The smaller the sauna the lower the temperature. I keep mine between 60 and 80 C. Below 60 the stowe doesn't generate much steam and over 80 the steam burn you and the sauna tends to be too dry.

Try to find a good balance between heat and moisture. My guess is that you will reach it at about 70C. Then the steam is soft and caressing.

The ventilation is important. The idea of the Finnish sauna is that the steam is weathered out before you pour more water on the stove.

And remember: Always use hot water on the stove.


26-12-04, 19:49
Thanks Sune, I have brought your remarks to the attention of my son, the builder.
He has a mechanical engineering degree so the sauna is overengineered and he had good books on building a sauna and on framing.
He had the framework built before I got there in time to "help" so all I was able to do was to bring the heater to him and we discussed problem areas.

I think he will be appreciative of your comments about the level of heat. I can recall us visiting the farm near Voltti in 1975. The water in the tank was boiling so the room had to be at 100C or very close.

26-12-04, 20:33
Seeing the pictures makes me envious! ;) Sure could use a nice, hot sauna now as the weather here is cool and rainy. I guess it's better than snow, though.

I'm sure he'll enjoy it thoroughly and get plenty of use from it.

June Pelo
26-12-04, 22:45
Here's my cousin Roger's sauna in Ely, MN. It's on the edge of a lake and they use the sauna all the time until winter - then he goes to AZ!


20-04-06, 05:01
Watch out for those Finns who were born there. In our sessions in Durango Colorado we have broken 120 C. Keep that guy away from the water ladle! I just got a saunatec sauna from my friend Timo but I have barely cracked 160 F. Give me time I just assembled it yesterday.