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26-12-04, 20:14
Johannes Friman was born aug 16 1854 in Lovisa/Finland. Worked as an asistant to a shopkeeper. In late 1871 he went to Russia (perhaps St.Petersburg) Some time he went to the US, he also married seemingly not in Finland. We know he lived in San Francisco. And it is said no messages came after the great earthquake. We have assumed he was one of teh victims.
I have seen some list of victims but did not find him. Also have I tried to find him among immigrants with no success.
:confused:Is there some one who has a suggestion how to trace this man?
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26-12-04, 20:26
Hi and welcome to sfhs!

If he was a member of the church, maybe we will find something about him there.
I will be going back to Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in town and by coincidence, I am going to another California town at the same time.


26-12-04, 20:31
I tried a search on ancestry.com but nothing shows up.

Shirley King
27-12-04, 20:35
Welcome to the Forum and yes this is the place to be when searching for lost ancestors from Finland! Good luck to you!

05-01-05, 00:44
I checked S618-1 and S618-2 in members indexes and funerals listing up thru 1937 and did not find him listed at that church as a member or as having a funeral.
The other church films Swenson has do not list pages of ministerial acts so can't confirm a death. Is it a possibility that he could have joined a Covenant or a Baptist church?

05-01-05, 16:54
Thanks to granskare, Kevin and Shirley.
I have really no idea to which church Johannes Friman might have turned. In Finland he belonged to the Lutheran church. By the way I happen to have a picture on him and his wife in: recognize the picture. That is all I know including what I wrote before.