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27-12-04, 16:41
Happy Holidays everyone!
I was given a gift that was made in Finland and am unsure of what it is. It is a wool woven runner, blanket , um, not sure.
The tag says Sohvi 1, Brita Seppä or Brita Sappä design, made in Finland by Kouvolan Villa Oy.Pure new wool.It is about 6 feet long by 22 inches wide. It is colored orange, yellow, green and cream.
I was unable to find an internet site on this except for the yarn which was listed as Sohvi 1. Can anyone enlighten me on it's use? I was also given woven linens made in Finland, very nice.

28-12-04, 09:49
well, it seems to me that its a tapestry.


28-12-04, 18:14
From your description, it sounds like a runner for either a dresser, hall table, or piano. My mother had some like that from my grandmother that were crocheted on the end. I remember my grandmother having them on her dressers and her piano.

28-12-04, 18:24
Thank you Kevin and Juha. I did not want to appear ignorant of
what my friend gave me. :O) You saved me by asking.
This will look quite nice on my buffet.

June Pelo
28-12-04, 18:25

One of my relatives in Finland has a loom and she weaves all kinds of rugs, table runners, wall hangings, etc. She made me a table runner about 4 feet long out of wool (unusual, I thought, to make a table runner out of wool). She also had wall hangings of all sizes - some looked like rugs, but were too nice to walk on. Another relative had a runner about the size you mentioned - it was woven in lavender, pink, white and green and she had it on the seat of a sofa - we sat on it. I also have a number of dresser runners/scarves made out of a linen-type fabric.