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28-12-04, 15:04
Do enyone know his family.

Viktor Johan-Pettersson Nygård
born 21 jan. 1885 in Övermark Närpes Finland
emigr. to Amerika Croonwood Michigan 21 sep. 1909.
Merrid 1930 with Mary in ? Gogebic Michigan.

Henrik Mangs

28-12-04, 18:08
Hej Henrik

From 1930 census: Bessemer, Gogebic
Head Victor Nygard 44 years born in Finland To Us 1909 married 1930
Wife Mary J Nygard 46 years born in Finland to Us 1909
Stepdaughter Ellen Willianen19 years born in Michigan
Stepdaughter Signe A Willianen18 years born in Michigan
Stepdaughter Elsie L Willianen 14 years born in Michigan

Will make you a copy of the census image until next week when we meet.


28-12-04, 18:11
Hi Henrik,

I see Christer just beat me to the punch. I'm attaching a portion of the record for you.

I believe the "Croonwood" you referred to should actually be Ironwood. It is a small town on the western end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This census image shows them living in Bessemer, which is only a few miles east of Ironwood.

28-12-04, 20:16
I think the stepdaughters surname is Williamson not Willianen as i wrote.Their father seemed to from Sweden.could not find any Williamson that fits in 1920 or 1910 census.


28-12-04, 22:00
code: b87w = film membership book 2, page 87, wife, S 22 is the church

b87w Johanna Maria Williamson Nov 25 1882 Övermark unk S 22

The Williamson name helped me to find this person on the Finnish born dbase for the U.P. of Michigan.

It is likely the film at Swenson will have more information that I can check next week when the college is back in business.


28-12-04, 22:33
I Found weddingnotice for Signe Williamson in Ironwood Daily Globe November 4 1935. Groome: Eli Jacobson son of Mr and Mrs
Victor Jacobson of South Bessemer.
Marriage was held in Chicago.I have copies for you Henrik


Karen Douglas
30-12-04, 00:47
Does the name "Viktor Williamson" mean anything to anyone?

He and "Tilda Back" were witnesses at the marriage of my paternal grandparents on August 17, 1895 in Hancock, Michigan.

My grandparents had a lot of friends and relatives in Ironwood.


02-01-05, 11:16
Johanna Maria Johansdaughter, born as Wiitaniemi later changed name to Dahlström, born on Nov 25, 1882 in Övermark, Närpes, is prob. the same woman as Mary married 1st time to ? Williamson-2nd time to Viktor Nygard, from Övermark.

Anyone who can help tracing the stepdaughters and the death-date of Viktor Nygård (and Mary) ?


02-01-05, 11:19
Hej och Välkommen till frumet.
Som du ser så var det enkelt att hoppa med

05-01-05, 00:27
I went to the S22 microfilm for Bessemer Mi, Saron Lutheran Church and found this which you can see on the attached image is your information:

05-01-05, 20:40
Thank you so much Chuck, ! The death of Viktor Nygard and Mary (Johanna Maria) remains ????????????????


05-01-05, 23:51
I went to Swenson today and checked all churches in Ironwood, Bessemer, and Wakefield.
I looked for marriages of Victor to Maria and for funerals of either but found nothing at all.


06-01-05, 14:30
Found some notes in Ironwood Daily Globe about Mary Nygard
August 5 1960 Sharon Lutheran church celebreting old members:
honored guest Mrs Victor Nygard.
August 5 1970 Hospital notes: Discharged Mrs Mary Nygard, Ironwood
Note about Marys daughter Elsie married Rabideau in Chicago.
Elsie Rabideau 60 years was killed of an an airplane crashing into her house near Midway Airport, the pilot Kenneth Schons 52 and flightinstructor John Worley 47 were killed too.The note is in Edwardsville Intelligencer, Illinois August 7 1976
Will post copies for you Gunilla next week.
There are no notes of deaths for Mary or Victor Nygard in Ironwood Daily Globe.


07-01-05, 01:28
I was checking for a guy in Sweden but more for a couple named John and Kajsa Nystrom.
I will write the Swedish portions here:
Viktor Nygard:
Det här kan vara min morfar(?). Han var född 15/2 1891 i Maxmo, Finland. In another paragraph is:
...morfar Viktor Nygard och ytterligare en bror, August Martinson, Anhörig var systern Kajsa Lovisa Nystrom (ovan), bosatt i Negaunee, Marquette County, MI.

Probably not your Victor Nygard


07-01-05, 10:26
Not my Viktor Nygard. He was born in Övermark, Närpes. I´m married to his grandson !


07-01-05, 15:53
You are right. I was not paying that much attention to the text. Maxmo is not Övermark:)

Last March I posted a name of Matts Nylund to a thread about a different Matts and this month cdahlin began a thread about Dalin and one of the Dalin women had married a Nylund and it turns out that the Matts I found last year is the Nylund of the Dalin query:) and that led to the finding of one of the other missing people plus a location in America for continued research.


23-01-05, 11:58
Could this be John Williamson in the 1910 census? I noticed he and the family were received into the Bessemer Church in 1919 but it didn't mention from whence they had come.
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State
Viktor appears to already be in Bessemer in 1910.

Not moving forward but a few more pieces added i hope.


23-01-05, 15:25
Yes, these might be the right guys.Age and place matches.

Thank you Jeanette


28-11-14, 07:55
I just happen to be looking into the Victor you mentioned. He is, in fact, part of your Berg tree. (I believe we have corresponded a time or two about some Berg-related content.)

Johanna Back married John Isakkson Berg 25 Oct 1890 in Ironwood, MI. I have just started researching her ancestry. In her obituary it mentions a couple of siblings. One of them is Tilda Jacobson of Hancock, MI. All I have found out so far is that she married Victor Williamson (1873- Jan 10, 1904) abt. 1897. Victor died of mitral insufficiency. They had 4 children together: Oscar, Lea, Esther and Victor. She then married Erick Jacobson (1881-1941) and they had 5 children(I've found thus far): Edward, Selma, Carl, Edith and Ruth. I haven't found Victor's burial place yet. However, Edward, Erick and Matilda are all in the Lakeside Cemetery in Hancock. [findagrave.com]

Hope this helps,