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31-12-04, 16:39
I just noticed that one famous Swdish-Finn explorer (from Åland) can be found in the different Talko -genealogies. Here is some background information and links to stuff on the Internet. I stumbled on this gentleman's information some time ago when searching for a book by the muslim writer Irshad Manji, "The Trouble with Islam : A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith"

Georg August Wallin. (Link in Talko (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/getperson.php?personID=I28006&tree=strang))

Picture of Wallin (http://www.halvi.helsinki.fi/museo/Wallin.htm)

Book: "Travels in Arabia, 1845 and 1848, Vol. 9", ISBN: 0-900891-53-X / 090089153X

Was world-famous for his expeditions to the Arab countries. Wallin, an anthropologist and scientist, collected the knowledge of the Arabic life, language, and culture.

From this page (http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/gawallin.htm):

"Wallin spent on his expedition over five year. He returned to Helsinki via London, where he published some of his studies, and was awarded with the gold medal of Royal Geographical Society in 1850. His study, NOTES TAKEN DURING A JOURNEY THROUGH PART OF NORTHERN ARABIA, was published next year by the Royal Geographical Society. However, most of his notes and letters Wallin wrote in Swedish, and his observations were not spread widely in the English speaking world. He was the first scholar to collect bedouin poetry, his views on Arabic phonetics were highkly valued by other researchers, and it is also believed that Wallin genuinely adopted the Islamic faith."

From this page (http://ismaili.net/mirrors/11ismaili/ismaili.html):

Georg August Wallin,a trained and distinguished Arabist from Finland, traveled in northern Arabia in the service of Muhammad Ali. He started his journey in 1845 and traveling by the Wadi Sirhan reached Al Jawf. He next crossed a section of the Great Nafud and came to Ha`il, the seat of the Rashid family in Jabal Shammar. After staying there some time, Wallin next went to Medina and Mecca and then returned to Cairo. Before reporting on his journey, in 1848 Wallin again returned to Arabia. This time he landed on the west coast at Al Muwaylih and struck directly inland into Midian. He proceeded to the oases of Tabuk and Tayma' and on to Ha`il. From Ha`il he traveled northeastward to Meshed Ali (An Najaf) and Baghdad. Wallin was the first European to traverse much of northern Arabia...