View Full Version : Genealogy and the Macintosh

15-09-03, 18:29
Since I belong to a minority in Finland I have also chosen a "minority" computer. I primarily use a Mac with OSX.

Sune - who joined the forum today - asked for a recommendation regarding "the" genealogy software on the Mac.

The one I'm using is Reunion 8, and I'm happy with it. Of course there is stuff I'd like to get implemented but - that is life.

Reunion has
+ a good basic user interface; the family with the children+the grandparents, ie. three generations
+ intuitive data entry
+ fast import of gedcom
+ good "Mac type" reports and graphics
+ modifiable graphics and reports

I would like faster searches from the index. It is no problem but "I'd want..."

In comparison with the Windows based versions I have used Reunion is as good or better than the best I have seen.

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