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05-01-05, 12:32
This place must be somewhere near Lohja, Hanko or Somero.

One of my relatives was married in a place called "Hansaa" - this information was given me by an American relative.

Of course, there are no such a place in Finland but give me some good advices.

It cant be Hanko - that much I know for sure

Here are the details:

Jaakko Johannes Gustavsson born 7/12/1842 in Somerolla
married 12/26/1872 in Hansaa
died 10/24/1913 in Hango

Jaakko's wife was born in Karjalohja

any help will be appreciated

Jaska Sarell
05-01-05, 13:13
My first guess is Karjaa (Sw. Karis).
Copying from a handwritten document by a non-Finnish person could have caused that.

:) Jaska

05-01-05, 14:18
OH, that's the town where I was born :)

Funny, very funny and your guess may be just true

Thanks Jaska


05-01-05, 15:37
Are you 100 percent sure about Hanko?.

If you use the original Swedish name "Hangö" for the town, it could be written "Hangoe" in English and if the handwriting is bad the g could be mistaken for s and oe for aa.

If the spelling is correct a place in Norway or Denmark seems likely.

These are just wild guesses.


05-01-05, 15:47
Thanks for you comment Sune!

Anyway, I have checked the Parish books of Hanko (and Bromarf) and this family was not living there at the time.

I will check Karjaa....


Jaska Sarell
05-01-05, 18:39
Originally posted by Juha
OH, that's the town where I was born :)

Our eyes are usually adopted to a longer distance, when doing genealogy ;)
I just tried to fit the vowels and there aren't too many places like Xaxxaa. Vantaa wasn't known at that time.

:) Jaska

06-01-05, 16:03
In Hiski, there is a Jakob Johan Gustafsson from the village of Saarenpää, he married Mathilda Rosendal, from the village of Immola, on 26.12.1872 in Karjalohja Parish. It's the only one listed for that date, that I can see, who may possibly be your ancestor, but obviously, I may be wrong, if you're positive about the information you have on their places of birth.

06-01-05, 17:43
OK, the mystery solved - thank you

As Jaska said sometimes we the real solution is too near :)

Of course these are the people I was talking about. Matilda's whole name was Gustava Matilda and I have made me checking with the whole name. How very stupid!

What a nice start for a new year


06-01-05, 19:05
I'm happy to hear that they are the ones you were looking for! I looked up where they were from, and, both of them had to travel a long way in order to meet, and, to get married in Karjalohja! But, I'm aware that people were moving from place to place in order to find work during those years. I hope your year continues to be a good one....

16-01-05, 19:44
Just wanted to let you know that I have checked this marriage from the archive records and confirmed that they were married in Karjalohja. They moved to Karjaa a few years later - and the best part of story is that my distant cousins from the States have sent me nice, long emails telling different kind of family stories.