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05-01-05, 16:28
My Grandfather imigrated in 1892 to the US. The manifest says he was taken aboard the vessel (SS City of Chicago) at Liverpool & Queenstown. It also says they embarked from Liverpool. Does this mean the ship roiginated in Queenstown New Zealand?

05-01-05, 22:26
Queenstown was a very wellknown port of call of transatlantic liners (just leaving from Liverpool, UK) in southern Ireland. It was known as Cove of Cork until renamed Queenstown in 1849. It has again been renamed and is today known as Cobh.

Please see for instance http://homepage.tinet.ie/~greatisle/local1.htm


06-01-05, 12:18
Thank you for the information on the Queenstown port. That explains much better where they travbeled before they left the continent. I would guess they traveled by rail to get to the Liverpool port.