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05-01-05, 22:26
I am trying to understand th name transition Aby to Keto that seems to take place in my mother's family from Evijarvi. My great grandfather was Jaakko Keto 15.10.1844 but his father was Jaakko Aby. They lived on the Aby farm in Jokela village in Evijarvi Parish.

Jaakko Keto moved to the US where he was a tailor until he died. He was married to Fredrika Puotinen who was also from Evijarvi.

I would like to understand what caused the change in name and what name the family might be using if I have relatives in Finland.

05-01-05, 23:59
This from the gen soc in finland might give you some insights into naming practices.

where in usa, town and state, did your ancestors go?

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06-01-05, 16:12
The Keto family went to Brooklyn, NY in Finntown where I grew up. Both of my parents were born in Brooklyn with all four grandparent families from Finland. Evijarvi, Yliharma, Janakkala, and Sakkijarvi

07-01-05, 20:01
I can´t help you understand the name transition but am curious about your ancestors in Ylihärmä. 75% of my kids grandparents are from there and we might have some connections.

Kaj Granlund
07-01-05, 20:20
Living in the neighbour parish I have to admit I don't know. But my suggestions would be as follows. Åby is swedish and consists of the two words Å= river and "by"= town/village. And the finnish Jokela also consists of the Joki = river and the -la often used for towns/villages. There are two possibilities the town was earlier swedishspeaking and had the name of Åby, but gradually grew finnishspeaking and the name was changed to Jokela. This is not totally out of the blue as there are other towns in Evijärvi that earlier had swedish names. The other is that the official name Åby was used just by the swedishspeaking pastors and authorities but the local name for the place was Jokela. As there were more farms in Åby - Jokela they had to give the different farms new names and then one of the farms had the name of Keto.

June Pelo
07-01-05, 21:43
Just wanted to mention there was a marriage in 1681 in Lappajärvi between Erik Henriksson Vanhaketo and Malin Johansdotter Åby. He took the name Åby so he became Erik Henriksson Vanhaketo-Åby. I believe it was customary that a man adopted his wife's family name if they lived with her parents, and he then inherited the place when the parents died. Most of the Åby names in my database are from Evijärvi.